Books from the e-bookstore – the advantages of e-books and e-audiobooks

When you order books from the e-bookstore, you'll be able to start reading immediately and you can take them along wherever you may go. Check out our selection!

Books from the e-bookstore are always at hand - the advantages of e-books and e-audiobooks

Have you already tried e-books and e-audiobooks or are you considering ordering an interesting title from our e-bookstore? On this page, we've put together a concise infopacket on the advantages of e-books and e-audiobooks as well as instructions on how you can conveniently order books from the Ellibs e-bookstore.

Read e-books on a tablet, smartphone, computer, or reader

E-books are read using a reader program installed on a tablet, smartphone or computer, or with a dedicated e-book reader. Below are comprehensive instructions on how to read different e-books on your device.

The reading experience is very similar to reading a printed book

Reading e-books on a reader has been made as similar to reading a printed book as possible. E-books are displayed clearly on the reader program or reader screen and the pages are turned by swiping the touchscreen. However, reading e-books is not limited to the possibilities offered by printed books - the digital format makes it possible to further enhance the reading experience and entirely new features have been brought to the familiar book format. With e-books, you can change the text font, enlarge or reduce the font size or change the background colour, thus adapting the reading experience to meet your specific needs. Dedicated readers have anti-glare screens, which display the text clearly in both low and bright light. When reading on a tablet or smartphone, you can adjust the backlight to the desired level, thus giving you an optimal reading experience.

Many reader programs allow you to search for words inside the e-book and to make notations and underline passages in the text, which makes study and searching for information in the book easy. Reading e-books can also be a more social experience than reading conventional books, as many e-book reader programs allow you to share recommendations, reading experiences, or quotes on social media.

You can listen to e-audiobooks while doing other things

Ellibs also offers a wide selection of audiobooks. You can conveniently order audiobooks from the Ellibs e-bookstore and take them along wherever you go. You can listen to Ellibs audiobooks right on our website or using the Ellibs app for Android or iOS devices. You can stream audiobooks on a browser. The Ellibs app also makes it possible to download audiobooks to your own device, thus allowing you to listen even when you're offline. The audiobook player also comes with a sleep timer and the playback speed can be set to your liking. In addition to this, the player will automatically remember where you left off the last time you were listening.

The audiobook is an excellent alternative, particularly when reading a conventional book isn't possible. You can easily listen to an audiobook while doing other things: cleaning, driving, spending time outdoors. The choice is yours. Check out our selection of e-audiobooks!

When you order e-books and e-audiobooks on the Ellibs e-bookstore, you'll be able to start reading immediately

Right after making your purchase, you'll find your books on the Ellibs website under My Bookshelf, where you can start reading immediately. For example, you won't have to worry about losing access to your books while on holiday, because you can conveniently download them to your device directly from the e-bookstore. You can also read or listen to downloaded books when offline.

Thousands of e-books and e-audiobooks to choose from

We offer a wide selection of Finnish fiction and non-fiction titles as well as e-books and e-audiobooks in Swedish and English.

The Ellibs e-bookstore has non-fiction and fiction titles as well as textbooks for various educational institutions.

The Ellibs e-bookstore offers a wider variety of books than any bookstore selling printed books, including everything from the latest titles to literary classics, printed books and even rarities out of print. Come check out the extensive selection at the Ellibs e-bookstore!