Technical specifications and integration

Technical solutions by Ellibs are based on the standards of electronic publishing and learning and education, as well as the library field, in addition to modern Internet technologies. Ellibs' information system services can be integrated with organizations' other software, such as search engines, library systems, learning platforms and content management systems.

Ellibs' product and service concept combines ebook metadata, features of semantic information management, and support services connected with the document administration system for contemporary search, distribution and presentation technologies. All these services can be accessed by users via an Internet browser.

By offering high-quality content and controlling data usage rights, Ellibs' eLibrary enables the distribution of high-quality ebooks specifically for the desired users. Users can be granted rights of use in accordance with, for example, whether or not they have access to a certain operating environment or the right to use library systems. Ellibs library can be part of your company's intranet or web-based learning services.

Ellibs services