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Lucas, Peter - Ethics and Self-Knowledge, e-bok

Ethics and Self-Knowledge

Lucas, Peter


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Peter Lucas
2. Fragmentation
Peter Lucas
3. Discrimination
Peter Lucas
4. Stereotyping
Peter Lucas
5. Objectification
Peter Lucas
6. Interpretive Moral Wrongs and Radical Theorising

Corradetti, Claudio - Philosophical Dimensions of Human Rights, e-bok

Philosophical Dimensions of Human Rights

Corradetti, Claudio


Table of contents
1. Human Rights in History and Contemporary Practice: Source Materials for Philosophy
Jeffrey Flynn
2. Philosophy and Human Rights: Contemporary Perspectives
David Reidy
3. Reconsidering Realism on Rights

Kontopodis, Michalis - Children, Development and Education, e-bok

Children, Development and Education

Kontopodis, Michalis


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Children, Development and Education – A Dialogue Between Cultural Psychology and Historical Anthropology
Michalis Kontopodis, Christoph Wulf, Bernd Fichtner
2. Darwin and Vygotsky on Development: An Exegesis…

Pellegrin, Enzo De - Interactive Wittgenstein, e-bok

Interactive Wittgenstein

Pellegrin, Enzo De


Table of contents
1. Prefatory Note to the Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence
Juliet Floyd
2. Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence
Burton Dreben, Juliet Floyd
3. The Frege-Wittgenstein Correspondence: Interpretive Themes
Juliet Floyd

Chakrabarti, D. K. - Mango Malformation, e-bok

Mango Malformation

Chakrabarti, D. K.


Table of contents
1. Chronological History of Mango Malformation
D. K. Chakrabarti
2. Geographical Distribution of Mango Malformation
D. K. Chakrabarti
3. Economic Importance
D. K. Chakrabarti
4. Symptoms
D. K. Chakrabarti