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Farrington-Flint, Lee - Learning and the E-Generation, e-bok

Learning and the E-Generation

Farrington-Flint, Lee


Assesses the psychological factors at play, including social, cognitive, and behavioral characteristics that are influenced by exposure to technology Addresses the risks and benefits of 21st century digital technology on children and young adults Written by two experts

Riches, John - Galatians Through the Centuries, e-bok

Galatians Through the Centuries

Riches, John


Explores the influence and history of this important New Testament book Demonstrates the crucial role that Galatians has played in the development of very diverse forms of Christian spirituality Considers the influence of Galatians on a wide range of theological figures,

Growick, Phil - The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes, e-bok

The Revenge of Sherlock Holmes

Growick, Phil


Historical figures as disparate as King George V, Al Capone, Anastasia, Stalin, Babe Ruth, and Winston Churchill, all play unexpected roles in this most insidious historical mystery. From the infant Soviet Union, to England, New York, the Caribbean and Finland, the

Alcock, Susan E. - Archaeologies of Memory, e-bok

Archaeologies of Memory

Alcock, Susan E.


Serves as an accessible introduction to central issues in the study of memory, including authority and identity, and the role memory plays in their creation and transformation. Presents a collection of newly commissioned essays that provide a coherent framework for

Tamaru, Yoshinao - Modern Organonickel Chemistry, e-bok

Modern Organonickel Chemistry

Tamaru, Yoshinao


Organonickel chemistry plays an increasingly important role in organic chemistry, and interest in this topic is now just as keen as in organopalladium chemistry. While there are numerous, very successful books on the latter, a book specializing in organonickel chemistry is long overdue.

Harris, D. L. - Multi-Site Pig Production, e-bok

Multi-Site Pig Production

Harris, D. L.


Dr Harris is singularly qualified to write this book because he has played a pivotal role in the development of multi-site rearing techniques that are being applied throughout the world.
This book provides final definition for a variety of terms being used to describe

Simon, Patrice - Electrochemical Energy Storage, e-bok

Electrochemical Energy Storage

Simon, Patrice


French researchers have played a key role in this domain but Asia is currently the market leader. Not wanting to see history repeat itself, France created the research network on electrochemical energy storage (RS2E) in 2011. This book discusses the launch of RS2E,

Collins, Will - Hitler's Sock, e-bok

Hitler's Sock

Collins, Will


As the situation descends into chaos, nobody, is aware of the part that Clarence, the goat, will play in events.

Johnsen, Gudrun - Bringing Down the Banking System, e-bok

Bringing Down the Banking System

Johnsen, Gudrun


Table of contents
Part I. From Prosperity to Panic
1. Illusion of Prosperity
Gudrun Johnsen
2. Collapse
Gudrun Johnsen
3. Panic
Gudrun Johnsen
4. Investigation
Gudrun Johnsen
Part II. How Did the Bankers Do It?
5. Financial Liberalization
Gudrun Johnsen
6. Funding the Banks