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Mokomane, Zitha - Work–Family Interface in Sub-Saharan Africa, e-bok

Work–Family Interface in Sub-Saharan Africa

Mokomane, Zitha


Table of contents
Part I. Work–Family Interface as a Policy Issue in Sub-Saharan Africa
1. Introduction
Zitha Mokomane
2. Managing Work and Family Demands: The Perspectives of Employed Parents in Ghana
Francis Annor
3. Work and Family in a Cross-Cultural Context: A Comparative Review of Work–Family

Bryant, Christopher R. - Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change, e-bok

Agricultural Adaptation to Climate Change

Bryant, Christopher R.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Christopher R. Bryant, Kénel Délusca, Mamadou Adama Sarr
Part I. Canada and France
2. Agricultural Adaptation to Changing Environments: Lessons Learned from Farmers in Eastern Ontario, Canada
Mike Brklacich, Maureen Woodrow
3. Analysis of Power Relations among Actors

Günergun, Feza - Science between Europe and Asia, e-bok

Science between Europe and Asia

Günergun, Feza


Cultural Attitudes and Horse Technologies: A View on Chariots and Stirrups from the Eastern End of the Eurasian Continent
Nanny Kim
6. Patchwork – The Norm of Mapmaking Practices for Western Asia in Catholic and Protestant Europe As Well As in Istanbul Between

Kowarik, Ingo - Wild Urban Woodlands, e-bok

Wild Urban Woodlands

Kowarik, Ingo


Table of contents
1. Wild Urban Woodlands: Towards a Conceptual Framework
Ingo Kowarik
2. New Perspectives for Urban Forests: Introducing Wild Woodlands
Cecil C. Konijnendijk
3. Attitudes towards Wilderness and Public Demands on Wilderness Areas
Nicole Bauer
4. Surrogate Nature or Wilderness? Social

Gaur, Rajarshi Kumar - Plant Viruses: Evolution and Management, e-bok

Plant Viruses: Evolution and Management

Gaur, Rajarshi Kumar


Table of contents
1. Plant Viruses: History and Taxonomy
Surabhi Awasthi, Reshu Chauhan, Raghvendra P. Narayan
2. Transmission and Movement of Plant Viruses
Nikolay Manchev Petrov
3. Infection, Replication, and Expression of Plant Viruses in Filamentous Fungi
Tiziana Mascia, Donato Gallitelli
4. Diverse

Sklias, Pantelis - Greece's Horizons, e-bok

Greece's Horizons

Sklias, Pantelis


Table of contents
1. Beyond Nemesis and Salvation: A Reorientation of the Debate on the Greek Economic Crisis
Pantelis Sklias, Nikolaos Tzifakis
Part I. Political Dimensions of the Crisis
2. At the Eye of the Cyclone: The Greek Crisis in Global Media
Andreas Antoniades
3. Greek Foreign Policy in the Shadow

Hacioglu, Ümit - Managerial Issues in Finance and Banking, e-bok

Managerial Issues in Finance and Banking

Hacioglu, Ümit


The Banking Sector and Islamic Banking in the Middle Eastern and North African Countries
Arzu Varlı
18. The Development of the Islamic Financial System in Turkey Strategies Applications
Muaz Güngoren
19. The International Competitiveness Analysis