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Gorman, Thomas J. - Growing up Working Class, e-bok

Growing up Working Class

Gorman, Thomas J.


Social Structure and Culture: The Macro Context
Thomas J. Gorman
7. Social Media: A “Reunion” of Angry (and Not So Angry) White Working-Class Men and Women
Thomas J. Gorman
8. Conclusion: Hard and Settled Living and The Development of Angry (And

Mills, Albert J. - Sex, Strategy and the Stratosphere, e-bok

Sex, Strategy and the Stratosphere

Mills, Albert J.


Gender, Culture and Commercial Airways
Albert J. Mills
2. The Gendering of Civil Aviation, 1919–24
Albert J. Mills
3. Thoroughly Modern Milieu: The Feminine Presence in the Airways
Albert J. Mills
4. Their Finest Hour: Mrs Miniver and the

Arndt, Katrina - Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies, e-bok

Emerging Perspectives on Disability Studies

Arndt, Katrina


Feminism, Rape Culture, and Intellectual Disability: Incorporating Sexual Self-Advocacy and Sexual Consent Capacity
Rebekah Moras
10. Potentialities: Toward a Transformative Theory of Disabled Masculinities
Margaret Rose Torrell

Elliott, Julian G. - Motivation, Engagement and Educational Performance, e-bok

Motivation, Engagement and Educational Performance

Elliott, Julian G.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Julian G. Elliott, Neil R. Hufton, Wayne Willis, Leonid Illushin
2. Psychological Theories of Achievement Motivation
Julian G. Elliott, Neil R. Hufton, Wayne Willis, Leonid Illushin
3. Culture and Practice in Education
Julian G. Elliott, Neil R. Hufton, Wayne Willis,

Glasberg, Elena - Antarctica as Cultural Critique, e-bok

Antarctica as Cultural Critique

Glasberg, Elena


Table of contents
1. Antarctic Convergence: The Problem of Antarctic Mapping
Elena Glasberg
2. Refusing History after Ursula K. Le Guin’s “Sur”
Elena Glasberg
3. “Who Goes There?”: Science, Fiction, and US National Belonging…

Landreau, John C. - Queer Masculinities, e-bok

Queer Masculinities

Landreau, John C.


Queering Masculine Peer Culture: Softening Gender Performances on the University Dance Floor
Grant Tyler Peterson, Eric Anderson
9. Does Masculinity Have a Race? Queering White Masculinities
Bobby Noble
10. Queer Listening as a Framework for Teaching

Holst, John D. - Antonio Gramsci: A Pedagogy to Change the World, e-bok

Antonio Gramsci: A Pedagogy to Change the World

Holst, John D.


Table of contents
1. Gramsci, Politics and Pedagogy: An Interpretative Framework
Nico Pizzolato, John D. Holst
Part I. Understanding Gramsci and Education
2. Gramsci, Hegemony and Educational Politics
Peter Mayo
3. Culture, Education and Political Leadership in Gramsci’s Thought
Riccardo Pagano

Meusburger, Peter - Geographies of Science, e-bok

Geographies of Science

Meusburger, Peter


Table of contents
1. Landscapes of Knowledge
David N. Livingstone
2. Global Knowledge?
Nico Stehr
3. A Geohistorical Study of “The Rise of Modern Science”: Mapping Scientific Practice Through Urban Networks, 1500–1900
Peter J. Taylor, Michael Hoyler, David M. Evans
4. From Mediocrity and Existential