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Pasquevich, A. - HFI/NQI 2007, e-bok

HFI/NQI 2007

Pasquevich, A.


High temperature perturbed angular correlation studies of Ln2NiO4+δ Ln=La, Pr, Nd
J. Röder, M. Uhrmaeher, K. D. Becker
43. TDPAC study of Cd-doped SnO
E. L. Muñoz, A. W. Carbonari, L. A. Errico, A. G. Bibiloni, H. M. Petrilli, M. Rentería
44. Investigation

Perea, Enrique Castaño - Architectural Draughtsmanship, e-bok

Architectural Draughtsmanship

Perea, Enrique Castaño


Technology Transfer: From the Film Industry to Architecture
Federico Luis Blanco García, Ismael García Ríos
10. From Abstraction to Design
Rodolfo Mejías Cubero
11. From the Atelier to the Personal Trainer App
Fernando Lancho Alvarado

Hort, Norbert - Magnesium Technology 2012, e-bok

Magnesium Technology 2012

Hort, Norbert


Nano-Indentation Studies of Twinned Magnesium Single Crystals
Fumiaki Hiura, Raja K. Mishra, Michael Lukitsch, Marek Niewczas
23. Non-Basal Textures in Magnesium Alloy Strips Produced by Extrusion-Machining
Dinakar Sagapuram, Mert Efe, Wilfredo Moscoso,

Zhuang, F. G. - New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research, e-bok

New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research

Zhuang, F. G.


Numerical Studies of Flow Past Two Side-by-Side Circular Cylinders
J. Shao, C. Zhang
15. Essence of Inviscid Shear Instability: a Point View of Vortex Dynamics
L. Sun
16. Three-dimensional Evolution of the Flow Through a Curved Square Duct
T. Watanabe,

Malcovati, Piero - Sensors and Microsystems, e-bok

Sensors and Microsystems

Malcovati, Piero


Optical Sensing Properties Towards Ethanol Vapors of Au-Polyimide Nanocomposite Films Synthesized by Different Chemical Routes
S. Carturan, A. Antonaci, G. Maggioni, A. Quaranta, M. Tonezzer, R. Milan, G. Mattei, P. Mazzoldi
7. Optical Vapors Sensing Capabilities

Rebelo, Francisco - Advances in Ergonomics in Design, e-bok

Advances in Ergonomics in Design

Rebelo, Francisco


Evaluation of a Virtual Environment Prototype for Studies on the Effectiveness of Technology-Based Safety Signs
Lara Reis Amaral, Emília Duarte, Francisco Rebelo
12. Do Zenware Applications Reduce the Digital Distraction of Knowledge Workers? A Qualitative