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Muller, Gilbert H. - Abraham Lincoln and William Cullen Bryant, e-bok

Abraham Lincoln and William Cullen Bryant

Muller, Gilbert H.


Table of contents
1. Prologue
Gilbert H. Muller
2. Chapter 1 Lincoln at Cooper Union: “An Eminent Citizen of the West”
Gilbert H. Muller
3. Chapter 2 The Campaign of 1860: “A Real Representative Man”
Gilbert H. Muller
4. Chapter 3 Secession Winter: “The Madness of the South”

Hughes, Bill - Samsung Galaxy S7 For Dummies, e-bok

Samsung Galaxy S7 For Dummies

Hughes, Bill


Inside… Text your friends and family Send and receive email Manage your contacts Share pictures Play games like a pro Make sense of maps Enjoy music and videos Manage your calendar Secure your phone

Goldstein, Jack - Harry Potter - The Complete Quiz Book, e-bok

Harry Potter - The Complete Quiz Book

Goldstein, Jack

Från 5,75€

How much do you know about the world of Harry Potter, his friends and of course his enemies? Do you know what language Merpeople speak? How long does felix felicis take to prepare? Who played Delores Umbridge in the films? And what colour hue does the Dogbreath potion have? This fantastically

Luckhurst, Mary - A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama: 1880 - 2005, e-bok

A Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama: 1880 - 2005

Luckhurst, Mary


This wide-ranging Companion to Modern British and Irish Drama offers challenging analyses of a range of plays in their political contexts. It explores the cultural, social, economic and institutional agendas that readers need to engage with in order to appreciate modern theatre in all its

Cowlin, Chris - The Ellie Goulding Quiz Book, e-bok

The Ellie Goulding Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Can you name Ellie’s second studio album, released in 2012? What BRIT award was Ellie nominated for, and subsequently won, in 2010? Do you know how many instruments Ellie can play? The 100 similar questions in this quiz book have been researched and compiled to test

Collins, Will - Hitler's Sock, e-bok

Hitler's Sock

Collins, Will


As the situation descends into chaos, nobody, is aware of the part that Clarence, the goat, will play in events.

Johnsen, Gudrun - Bringing Down the Banking System, e-bok

Bringing Down the Banking System

Johnsen, Gudrun


Table of contents
Part I. From Prosperity to Panic
1. Illusion of Prosperity
Gudrun Johnsen
2. Collapse
Gudrun Johnsen
3. Panic
Gudrun Johnsen
4. Investigation
Gudrun Johnsen
Part II. How Did the Bankers Do It?
5. Financial Liberalization
Gudrun Johnsen
6. Funding the Banks

Kostkowska, Justyna - Ecocriticism and Women Writers, e-bok

Ecocriticism and Women Writers

Kostkowska, Justyna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Justyna Kostkowska
2. The Narrative Ecology of “Kew Gardens”: Virginia Woolf’s Ecofeminist Imagination and the Narrative Discovery of Jacob’s Room
Justyna Kostkowska
3. “All Taken Together”: Ecological Form in Mrs. Dalloway
Justyna Kostkowska
4. Singing

Assi, Amjad T. - Hydrostructural Pedology, e-bok

Hydrostructural Pedology

Assi, Amjad T.


The authors focus on the underlying concepts, the purpose and role this field plays within agroenvironmental sciences.  It is divided into two parts.
Part 1 presents the theory behind  hydrostructural pedology. The systemic approach applied to the soil is presented,

Meinel, Dietmar - Pixar's America, e-bok

Pixar's America

Meinel, Dietmar


“You Better Play Nice”: Digital Enchantment and the Performance of Toyness in Toy Story (1995)
Dietmar Meinel
3. An Animated Toast to the Ephemeral: The Multicultural Logic of Late Capitalism in Toy Story 2 (1999)
Dietmar Meinel
4. A Story of Social