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Ribeiro, Paulo F. - Time-Varying Waveform Distortions in Power Systems, e-bok

Time-Varying Waveform Distortions in Power Systems

Ribeiro, Paulo F.


A comprehensive review of analytical signal processing techniques applied to power systems and power quality applications.
This reference book is unique in addressing time-varying waveform and harmonic distortions. It details many different approaches, pooling cutting edge material

Chen, Hsinchun - Terrorism Informatics, e-bok

Terrorism Informatics

Chen, Hsinchun


Table of contents
I. Methodological Issues in Terrorism Research
1. Domain Mapping of Contemporary Terrorism Research
Edna Reid, Hsinchun Chen
2. Research on Terrorism
Andrew Silke
3. Who Are the Key Figures in ‘Terrorism Studies’?

Prigogine, I. - Advances in Chemical Physics, Polymeric Systems, e-bok

Advances in Chemical Physics, Polymeric Systems

Prigogine, I.


The intensive study of polymeric systems, which has been under way for several decades, has recently yielded new insights into the properties of assemblies of these complex molecules and the physical principles that govern their behavior. These developments have included