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Hernando-Real, Noelia - Performing Gender Violence, e-bok

Performing Gender Violence

Hernando-Real, Noelia


Survival Strategies in Recent Plays by African American Women Playwrights
Inmaculada Pineda-Hernández
9. Documenting War: Theatrical Interventions by Emily Mann and Heather Raffo
Ilka Saal
10. The Victim and the Audience’s Pleasure: An Exploration

Charles, Victoria - Anthony van Dyck, e-bok

Anthony van Dyck

Charles, Victoria


A Baroque painter with a shimmering style, he played with a palette light and nuanced, and reproduced with the greatest virtuosity garments of velour, satin, and silk. Van Dyck is considered the founder of the English school of portraiture. He was an influence on Lely,

Dupoy, Alexandre - La Photographie érotique, e-bok

La Photographie érotique

Dupoy, Alexandre


L’ouvrage prend le contre-pied des magazines comme Play Boy qui ont contribué à développer des images du corps féminin formatées et liées à la consommation de masse. Il est ici question de photographies coquines, de femmes dénudées et offertes au regard. L’auteur, Alexandre

Burdett, Osbert - William Blake, e-bok

William Blake

Burdett, Osbert


Gifted with unequalled imagination and originality, the artist played with the diversity of his media in order to better externalise the demons that haunted him, as well as to plunge the viewer or reader into a profound melancholy. In this monograph, Osbert Burdett

Eckersall, Peter - New Media Dramaturgy, e-bok

New Media Dramaturgy

Eckersall, Peter


Table of contents
1. Cue Black Shadow Effect: The New Media Dramaturgy Experience
Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer
2. The Virtual Machine: Projection in the Theatre
Peter Eckersall, Helena Grehan, Edward Scheer
3. From Extreme Light to Total Darkness: The Dramaturgy of Organised Light

Boyde, Melissa - Captured: The Animal Within Culture, e-bok

Captured: The Animal Within Culture

Boyde, Melissa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Melissa Boyde
2. Verticality, Vertigo and Vulnerabilities: Giraffes in J. M. Ledgard’s Novel Giraffe and in the Handspring Puppet Company’s Play, Tall Horse
Wendy Woodward
3. The Scramble for Elephants: Exotic Animals and the Imperial Economy
John Simons
4. Christian