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Cen, Kefa - Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment, e-bok

Challenges of Power Engineering and Environment

Cen, Kefa


The Influence of High Oxygen Concentration on Ignition Characteristics of Pulverized Bituminous Coal
Yuesheng Fan, Zheng Zhou, Zidong Cao, Xiaoke Jiang, Yingchao Xu
33. Discussion on Gasification of High Ash Melting Point Pulverized Coal Using Excess Enthalpy

Osten, Wolfgang - Fringe 2013, e-bok

Fringe 2013

Osten, Wolfgang


Interference Microscopy for Clean Air – How Optical Metrology Is Improving Quality Control of Fuel Injection Systems
Robert Sachs, Frank Stanzel
97. Extending the Capabilities of PTB’s Ultra-Precision Interferometer towards the Measurement of Piezoelectric

Séradour, Brigitte - Cancer du sein : surdiagnostic, surtraitement, e-bok

Cancer du sein : surdiagnostic, surtraitement

Séradour, Brigitte


Atypical ductal hyperplasia using core needle biopsies: improving histological diagnosis
M. -E. Fondrevelle, N. Guerin, M. Peix, H. Mignotte, C. Faure, C. Clément-Chassagne, I. Treilleux
11. B3 and surgery: too much or not enough?
M. Cohen, G. Houvenaeghel,

Yao, Z. H. - Computational Methods in Engineering & Science, e-bok

Computational Methods in Engineering & Science

Yao, Z. H.


An Improved ICCG Method of Large-Scale Sparse Linear Equation Group
Y. J. Zhang, Q. Sun
126. A Parallel Computing Method of Object-Oriented FEM Based on Substructure
H. M. Zhao, K. Zhang, Z. Z. Dong
127. Promotion of Frontier Science Research by Aid

Eskola, Hannu - EMBEC & NBC 2017, e-bok

EMBEC & NBC 2017

Eskola, Hannu


The Influence of Pharmacological Autonomic Blockades on Multi-Scale Measures of Heart Rate Variability
Faezeh Marzbanrad, Chandan K. Karmakar, Ahsan H. Khandoker, Marimuthu Palaniswami, Toshio Moritani, Herbert F. Jelinek
117. Laser Interference Lithography

Blondelle, Sylvie E. - Understanding Biology Using Peptides, e-bok

Understanding Biology Using Peptides

Blondelle, Sylvie E.


Backbone Cyclization Improves the Enzymatic Stability of ?-Conotoxin, MrIA, whilst Maintaining its Structure and NET-Modulating Activity
Erica S. Lovelace, Christopher J. Armishaw, Michelle L. Colgrave, Paul F. Alewood, Norelle L. Daly, David J. Craik

Zhuang, F. G. - New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research, e-bok

New Trends in Fluid Mechanics Research

Zhuang, F. G.


Large Eddy Simulation of Re’s Influence on the Quasi-Periodic Motions of the Turbulent Flow Over a Backward-Facing Step
W. F. Zhu, X. H. Wang
34. Numerical Simulation of Convective Heat and Mass Transfer in a Two-Layer System
B. I. Myznikova, V. A. Kazaryan,

Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, e-bok

Ultrafast Phenomena XVI

Corkum, Paul


Table of contents
1. Sub-100-as soft x-ray pulses
E. Goulielmakis, M. Schultze, M. Hofstetter, M. Uiberacker, J. Gagnon, V. Yakovlev, U. Kleineberg, F. Krausz
2. Generation of High-order Harmonics with a Near-IR Self-phase-stabilized Parametric Source
C. Vozzi, F. Calegari, F. Frassetto, E. Benedetti, M. Nisoli,