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Capan, Levon M. - You’re Wrong, I’m Right, e-bok

You’re Wrong, I’m Right

Capan, Levon M.


How Should You Get the Autistic Child into the Operating Room When the Mother Objects to Intramuscular Ketamine?
Glenn E. Mann, Jerry Y. Chao
41. Is “Deep” Extubation Preferable in Patients at Risk for Bronchospasm?
Manoj Dalmia
42. What Is the

Cummins, Jim - International Handbook of English Language Teaching, e-bok

International Handbook of English Language Teaching

Cummins, Jim


Tensions Between English and Mother Tongue Teaching in Post-Colonial Africa
Margaret Akinyi Obondo
5. A Critical Discussion of the English-Vernacular Divide in India
Vaidehi Ramanathan
6. ELT Policy Directions in Multilingual Japan
Yasuko Kanno

Beynon, Robert J. - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11, e-bok

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11

Beynon, Robert J.


Table of contents
Part I. New Directions in Semiochemistry
1. Volatile Mammalian Chemosignals: Structural and Quantitative Aspects
Milos V. Novotny, Helena A. Soini
2. Use of Automated Solid Phase Dynamic Extraction (SPDE)/GC-MS and Novel Macros in the Search for African Elephant Pheromones
Thomas E. Goodwin,

East, Marion L - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12, e-bok

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 12

East, Marion L


Mother-Offspring Communication
4. Smell, Suck, Survive: Chemical Signals and Suckling in the Rabbit, Cat, and Dog
Lourdes Arteaga, Amando Bautista, Daniel González, Robyn Hudson
5. Neonatal Recognition in Sheep
Barend V. Burger, Marlize Z. Viviers,

Townsend, Tony - International Handbook of Leadership for Learning, e-bok

International Handbook of Leadership for Learning

Townsend, Tony


Same Mother, Different Lives: The Social Organisation of Leadership for Learning Across Three Chinese Societies
Allan Walker, Frank Xue-Ju Wang
60. Assessing and Understanding Quality in the Arab Region
Ekhleif Tarawneh
61. Administrative Approaches

Salzborn, Samuel - Klassiker der Sozialwissenschaften, e-bok

Klassiker der Sozialwissenschaften

Salzborn, Samuel


Nancy Chodorow: The Reproduction of Mothering. Psychoanalysis and the Sociology of Gender, University of California Press: Berkeley/Los Angeles 1978, 264 S. (dt. Das Erbe der Mütter. Psychoanalyse und Soziologie der Geschlechter, Verlag Frauenoffensive: München 1985,