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LaVail, Matthew M. - Retinal Degenerative Diseases, e-bok

Retinal Degenerative Diseases

LaVail, Matthew M.


Gene Augmentation Trials Using the Rpe65-Deficient Dog: Contributions Towards Development and Refinement of Human Clinical Trials
Simon M. Petersen-Jones, Matthew J. Annear, Joshua T. Bartoe, Freya M. Mowat, Susie E. Barker, Alexander J. Smith, James W. Bainbridge,

Buck, H. T. - Wheat Production in Stressed Environments, e-bok

Wheat Production in Stressed Environments

Buck, H. T.


Table of contents
1. The Global Need for a Sustainable Agricultural Model
R. A. Peiretti
2. The Economics of Wheat
J. Dixon
3. The Fusarium Head Blight Pathosystem
P. Nicholson, N. Gosman, R. Draeger, M. Thomsett, E. Chandler, A. Steed
4. The Status of Resistance to Bacterial Diseases of Wheat