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Ao, Sio-Iong - Electrical Engineering and Applied Computing, e-bok

Electrical Engineering and Applied Computing

Ao, Sio-Iong


Table of contents
1. Mathematical Modelling for Coal Fired Supercritical Power Plants and Model Parameter Identification Using Genetic Algorithms
Omar Mohamed, Jihong Wang, Shen Guo, Jianlin Wei, Bushra Al-Duri, Junfu Lv, Qirui Gao
2. Sequential State Computation Using Discrete Modeling
Dumitru Topan, Lucian

Wild, Klaus R. H. - Re-Engineering of the Damaged Brain and Spinal Cord, e-bok

Re-Engineering of the Damaged Brain and Spinal Cord

Wild, Klaus R. H.


Table of contents
A.. Evidence based neurorehabilitation
1. Evidence based medicine in neurological rehabilitation — a critical review
V. Hömberg
2. Quality management in traumatic brain injury (TBI) Lessons from the prospective study in 6.800 patients after acute TBI in respect of neurorehabilitation

Stocker, Ulrike M. - Operations Research Proceedings 2006, e-bok

Operations Research Proceedings 2006

Stocker, Ulrike M.


ALM Modeling for Dutch Pension Funds in an Era of Pension Reform
Willem K. Klein Haneveld, Matthijs H. Streutker, Maarten H. Vlerk
Part XXI. System Dynamics and Dynamic Modelling
96. Identifying Fruitful Combinations Between System Dynamics and Soft OR