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Dai, Liming - Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices, e-bok

Flexible Energy Conversion and Storage Devices

Dai, Liming


It covers flexible all-solid state supercapacitors; fiber/yarn based flexible supercapacitors; flexible lithium and sodium ion batteries; flexible diversified and zinc ion batteries; flexible Mg, alkaline, silver-zinc, and lithium sulfur batteries; flexible fuel cells; flexible nanodielectric materials

Chan, Tze Fun - Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor Drives, e-bok

Applied Intelligent Control of Induction Motor Drives

Chan, Tze Fun

Från 136,75€

Advent of advanced power electronic converters and powerful digital signal processors, however, has made possible the development of high performance, adjustable speed AC motor drives.
This book aims to explore new areas of induction motor control based on artificial

 - Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress, e-bok

Proceedings of the FISITA 2012 World Automotive Congress


Well-to-Wheel Analyses for Energy Consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Electric Vehicles Using Various Thermal Power Generation Technologies in China
Wei Shen, Weijian Han
9. Effects of Fuel Thermo-Physical Properties on Spray Characteristics of Biodiesel

Bullinger, Hans-Jörg - Technology Guide, e-bok

Technology Guide

Bullinger, Hans-Jörg


Table of contents
1. Technologies and the future
Axel Zweck
1. Materials and components
2. Metals
Uwe Glatzel, Rainer Völkl
3. Ceramics
Alexander Michaelis
4. Polymers
Franz Brandstetter, Jens Assmann
5. Composite materials
Peter Elsner, Frank Henning, Kay André Weidenmann
6. Renewable

Ciuprina, Gabriela - Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering, e-bok

Scientific Computing in Electrical Engineering

Ciuprina, Gabriela


Technology and Device Modeling in Micro and Nano-electronics: Current and Future Challenges
Andrea Marmiroli, Gianpietro Carnevale, Andrea Ghetti
4. New Algorithm for the Retrieval of Aerosol's Optical Parameters by LIDAR Data Inversion
Camelia Talianu,