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Corkum, Paul - Ultrafast Phenomena XVI, e-bok

Ultrafast Phenomena XVI

Corkum, Paul


Ultrafast electronic and spin dynamics in thin iron films: electron-magnon and electron-phonon interactions
E. Carpene, E. Mancini, C. Dallera, M. Brenna, E. Puppin, S. Silvestri
68. Laser Induced Alignment of Water Spin

Hannemann, Klaus - Shock Waves, e-bok

Shock Waves

Hannemann, Klaus


Experimental investigation of catalytic and non-catalytic surface reactions on SiO 2 thin films with shock heated oxygen gas
V. Jayaram, G.M. Hegde, M.S. Hegde, K.P.J. Reddy
24. Experimental investigation of

Pasquevich, A. - HFI/NQI 2007, e-bok

HFI/NQI 2007

Pasquevich, A.


Nanostructures in calcia stabilized hafnia thin films observed by PAC as a function of temperature
M. C. Caracoche, J. A. Martínez, P. C. Rivas, M. A. Taylor, A. F. Pasquevich, S. Barolin, O. A. Sanctis
67. NMR study of

Maier, K. - HFI/NQI 2004, e-bok

HFI/NQI 2004

Maier, K.


Magnetic Texturing of Xenon-Irradiated Iron Films Studied by Magnetic Orientation Mössbauer Spectroscopy
G. A. Müller, K. P. Lieb, E. Carpene, K. Zhang, P. Schaaf, J. Faupel, H. U. Krebs
23. Mössbauer and TDPAC Studies on Fe/Mo Multilayers
Y. Murakami,