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Xue, Jinjun - Green Low-Carbon Development in China, e-bok

Green Low-Carbon Development in China

Xue, Jinjun


Table of contents
1. China’s Green Low-Carbon Development
Jinjun Xue, Xiaowei Xuan
2. Analyzing Energy Conservation and Carbon Emissions Reductions of China’s 11th FYP Plan
Jinjun Xue, Yuezhong Zhu
3. Energy Conservation and Emissions…

Michalena, Evanthie - Renewable Energy Governance, e-bok

Renewable Energy Governance

Michalena, Evanthie


Building on Norway’s Energy Goldmine: Policies for Expertise, Export, and Market Efficiencies
Tomas Moe Skjølsvold, Marianne Ryghaug, Jon Dugstad
21. The Significance of the Environmental Communication for the Renewable Energy Governance Scenario: Who Decides