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Casanova, Manuel F. - The Physics of the Mind and Brain Disorders, e-bok

The Physics of the Mind and Brain Disorders

Casanova, Manuel F.


The Neurobiology of Moral Decision-Making, Embodied Cognition and the Case of Tolerance
Diana Stanciu
31. Insights into the Animal’s Mind
Gabriel Predoi, Iulian Raus, Florica Barbuceanu, Ioan Opris
32. Blood-Brain Barrier and Cognitive Function

Levy, Raymond A. - Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research, e-bok

Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Research

Levy, Raymond A.


Commentary: Neurobiology of Psychotherapy – State of the Art and Future Directions
Andrew J. Gerber
11. Neural Models of Psychodynamic Concepts and Treatments: Implications for Psychodynamic Psychotherapy
Joshua L. Roffman, Andrew J. Gerber, Debra M.

LeMaster, Michael P. - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 10, e-bok

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 10

LeMaster, Michael P.


The neurobiology of odor-based sexual preference the case of the golden hamster
Aras Petrulis
33. Retention of olfactory memories by newborn infants
Richard H. Porter, John J. Rieser
34. Human sweaty smell does not affect women’s menstrual cycle

Beynon, Robert J. - Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11, e-bok

Chemical Signals in Vertebrates 11

Beynon, Robert J.


The Neurobiology of Sexual Solicitation: Vaginal Marking in Female Syrian Hamsters (Mesocricetus auratus)
Laura Been, Aras Petrulis
23. Olfactory Control of Sex-Recognition and Sexual Behavior in Mice
Matthieu Keller, Michael J. Baum, Julie Bakker

Berardis, Domenico de - Melatonin, Neuroprotective Agents and Antidepressant Therapy, e-bok

Melatonin, Neuroprotective Agents and Antidepressant Therapy

Berardis, Domenico de


Table of contents
1. History of Pineal Gland as Neuroendocrine Organ and the Discovery of Melatonin
Francisco López-Muñoz, Fernando Marín, Cecilio Álamo
2. Bibliometric Study of Scientific Research on Melatonin During the Last 25 Years
Francisco López-Muñoz, Francisco J. Povedano, Cecilio Álamo
3. Neuroimaging

Runge, Marschall S. - Principles of Molecular Medicine, e-bok

Principles of Molecular Medicine

Runge, Marschall S.


Genetics and Neurobiology of Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementias
Peter H. ST. George-hyslop
119. Prion Diseases
Adriano Aguzzi
120. Narcolepsy and Other Neurological Sleep Disorders
Thomas E. Scammell
121. Neurofibromatosis 1