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Garaulet, Marta - Chronobiology and Obesity, e-bok

Chronobiology and Obesity

Garaulet, Marta


Table of contents
1. Discovery of the Clock Mutant and the First Mammalian Clock Gene and the Links to Obesity: Starting with Animal #25
Fred W. Turek
2. An Introduction to Chronobiology
Juan Antonio Madrid Pérez
3. Adipose Tissue as a Peripheral Clock
Purificación Gómez-Abellán, Marta Garaulet

Niculescu, Mihai - Nutrition in Epigenetics, e-bok

Nutrition in Epigenetics

Niculescu, Mihai


Recent research that explores the role that nutrition plays in the regulation of epigenetic processes and their inheritance has revealed the need for a book that presents key representative advances in understanding these mechanisms, their importance in the human population, and trans-generational

Smithson, W. Henry - ABC of Epilepsy, e-bok

ABC of Epilepsy

Smithson, W. Henry


Edited by a general practitioner and neurologist team, the ABC of Epilepsy reflects current NICE guidelines and is ideal for all GPs, primary health care professionals, practice nurses and specialist nurses, and non-specialist medical staff who play an increasing role

Jester, Rebecca - Advancing Practice in Rehabilitation Nursing, e-bok

Advancing Practice in Rehabilitation Nursing

Jester, Rebecca


Nurses play a key role in the rehabilitation process - maximising the quality of life and independence of individuals following trauma, disease or enduring chronic illness. Advancing Practice in Rehabilitation Nursing provides an in-depth analysis of specialist practice in rehabilitation