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American Dental Association, ADA - CEO Crash Course, e-bok

CEO Crash Course

American Dental Association, ADA


This engaging book draws parallels with the business world to show how leadership traits of CEOs translate into dental practice success. Seasoned practitioners and top practice management consultants give insight about developing and implementing leadership

Bartkowiak, Judy - Engaging NLP for Work, e-bok

Engaging NLP for Work

Bartkowiak, Judy


Neuro Linguistic Programming has long been a popular management training tool used in companies all over the world for; Sales, Leadership, Managing people, Managing change, Motivation, Goal setting. NLP For Work gives you access to the latest NLP tools and techniques to help you; Feel confident

Aylott, Jill - Why Hospitals Fail, e-bok

Why Hospitals Fail

Aylott, Jill


Effective Hospital Leadership: Theory and Practice
Simon Boyes, Jill Aylott
7. Effective Hospital Leadership: Quality Performance Evaluation
Remigiusz Wrazen, Sherif Soliman
8. What Is a Team and Effective Team

Smith, Grahame - Mental Health Nursing at a Glance, e-bok

Mental Health Nursing at a Glance

Smith, Grahame


This brand new nursing title is the perfect accompaniment for pre-registration nursing courses, and is the revision aid that you have been waiting for! Divided into three sections, this book first explores the essential clinical skills needed by nurses, using the NMC

Brabender, Virginia - Essentials of Group Therapy, e-bok

Essentials of Group Therapy

Brabender, Virginia


Essentials of Group Therapy provides both professionals and students with a clear overview of the group therapy process, its history and development, and the critical skills required for working effectively with groups. This valuable guide presents several models and

Athanasiou, Thanos - Key Topics in Surgical Research and Methodology, e-bok

Key Topics in Surgical Research and Methodology

Athanasiou, Thanos


The Role of Computers and the Type of Computing Skills Required in Surgery
Julian J. H. Leong
27. Computational and Statistical Methodologies for Data Mining in Bioinformatics
Lee Lancashire, Graham Ball
28. The Use of Bayesian Networks in Decision-Making

Barach, Paul - Surgical Patient Care, e-bok

Surgical Patient Care

Barach, Paul


Executive Leadership and Surgical Quality: A Guide for Senior Hospital Leaders
Susan Moffatt-Bruce, Robert S. D. Higgins
16. Information Technology Infrastructure, Management, and Implementation: The Rise of the Emergent Clinical Information System and the