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Fitzpatrick, Matthew P. - Liberal Imperialism in Europe, e-bok

Liberal Imperialism in Europe

Fitzpatrick, Matthew P.


Liberty, Equality, and Nationality: National Liberalism, Modernization, and Empire in Hungary in the Nineteenth Century
László Kürti
6. From Independence to Trialism: The Croatian Party of Right and the Project for a Liberal “Greater Croatia” within

Panayides, P.M. - Shipping Operations Management, e-bok

Shipping Operations Management

Panayides, P.M.


The Relationship Between Nationality of Ships, “Genuine Link,” and Marine Insurance
George Theocharidis, Patrick Donner
11. Ocean Governance and Sustainability
Lawrence P. Hildebrand, Neil A. Bellefontaine

Beham, Barbara - Managing Diversity in Organizations, e-bok

Managing Diversity in Organizations

Beham, Barbara


Gender and nationality pay gaps in light of organisational theories
Elke Wolf, Miriam Beblo, Clemens Ohlert
6. Women on German management boards
Jana Oehmichen, Marc Steffen Rapp, Michael Wolff

Tasker, Yvonne - The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film, e-bok

The Hollywood Action and Adventure Film

Tasker, Yvonne


Draws on a wide range of examples, spanning the silent spectacles of early cinema to the iconic superheroes of 21st-century action films Features case studies revealing the genre’s diverse roots – from westerns and war films, to crime and espionage movies Explores a rich variety

Arnold, Dana - A Companion to British Art: 1600 to the Present, e-bok

A Companion to British Art: 1600 to the Present

Arnold, Dana


A generously-illustrated collection of newly-commissioned essays which provides a comprehensive introduction to the history of British artCombines original research with a survey of existing scholarship and the state of the field Touches on the whole of the history of British art, from 800-2000, with increasing

Cowlin, Chris - The Crystal Palace Quiz Book, e-bok

The Crystal Palace Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Is Crystal Palace your local football club? Are you a lifelong Palace supporter? Do you consider yourself to be an expert on the history of the Glaziers? If so, why not put your knowledge to the test with this exciting new quiz book all about Crystal Palace FC? The 250 questions have been carefully put together to cover all

White, Marc - The Official Bolton Wanderers Quiz Book, e-bok

The Official Bolton Wanderers Quiz Book

White, Marc


There are sections on famous managers, players, competitions, nationalities, kit, club history, match victories and much more. With a fitting foreword from Chairman Phil Gartside, this book will take you through the Trotters’ early years to the glory days of the

Pearson, Adam - The Official Southampton FC Quiz Book, e-bok

The Official Southampton FC Quiz Book

Pearson, Adam


Will you prove yourselves to be sinners as you are sent reeling by the 1,200 fiendish questions in this book, or will you emerge saints and be polishing your halos, as you gloat over how much you know about your favourite team? Covering every possible aspect of the Saints’ long history, including players,

Cowlin, Chris - The Official Colchester United Quiz Book, e-bok

The Official Colchester United Quiz Book

Cowlin, Chris


Covering all aspects of the club, from players and managers to nationalities and every conceivable tournament, you will be required to U’s your brainpower to its limit to come up with all the answers and amaze (or otherwise) your friends and family with the depth

Pearson, Adam - The Rugby Quiz Book, e-bok

The Rugby Quiz Book

Pearson, Adam


All you have ever wanted to know about Rugby League and Rugby Union but have never dared to ask until now (as the answers are in the back of the book!) Will you get stung by a Wasp or charge through the 1,200 questions and mow down the opposition like a Rhino? You will have to cast your minds back over the last two centuries