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Breithaupt, Thomas - Chemical Communication in Crustaceans, e-bok

Chemical Communication in Crustaceans

Breithaupt, Thomas


Table of contents
1. Chemical Communication in Crustaceans: Research Challenges for the Twenty-First Century
Martin Thiel, Thomas Breithaupt
2. Pheromones and Behavior
Tristram D. Wyatt
3. Crustaceans as Powerful Models in Aquatic Chemical…

Yamagiwa, Juichi - Primates and Cetaceans, e-bok

Primates and Cetaceans

Yamagiwa, Juichi


Table of contents
Part I. Social Ecology
1. How Ecological Conditions Affect the Abundance and Social Organization of Folivorous Monkeys
Colin A. Chapman, Tamaini V. Snaith, Jan F. Gogarten
2. Dusky Dolphins: Flexibility in Foraging and…

Galizia, C. Giovanni - Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior, e-bok

Honeybee Neurobiology and Behavior

Galizia, C. Giovanni


Table of contents
1. The Spirit of the Hive and How a Superorganism Evolves
Robert E. Page
2. Vitellogenin in Honey Bee Behavior and Lifespan
Gro V. Amdam, Erin Fennern, Heli Havukainen
3. Circadian Rhythms and Sleep in Honey Bees

Kappeler, Peter M. - Mind the Gap, e-bok

Mind the Gap

Kappeler, Peter M.


Table of contents
1. Primate Behavior and Human Universals: Exploring the Gap
Peter M. Kappeler, Joan S. Silk, Judith M. Burkart, Carel P. Schaik
2. The Deep Structure of Human Society: Primate Origins and Evolution
Bernard Chapais

Hirai, Hirohisa - Post-Genome Biology of Primates, e-bok

Post-Genome Biology of Primates

Hirai, Hirohisa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Yasuhiro Go, Hiroo Imai, Hirohisa Hirai
2. An Overview of Transcriptome Studies in Non-Human Primates
Naoki Osada
3. The Role of Neoteny in Human Evolution: From Genes to the Phenotype
Mehmet Somel,…

Huffman, Michael A. - Monkeys, Apes, and Humans, e-bok

Monkeys, Apes, and Humans

Huffman, Michael A.


Table of contents
1. Cultural Diversity of Social Behaviors in Japanese Macaques
Michael A. Huffman, Naofumi Nakagawa, Yasuhiro Go, Hiroo Imai, Masaki Tomonaga
2. Primate Self-medication and the Treatment of Parasite Infection

Cryan, John F. - Behavioral Neurogenetics, e-bok

Behavioral Neurogenetics

Cryan, John F.


Table of contents
1. Using Zebrafish to Unravel the Genetics of Complex Brain Disorders
Robert Gerlai
2. Forward Genetic Approaches to Understanding Complex Behaviors
Lisa M. Tarantino, Amy F. Eisener-Dorman
3. Mouse Models of the 5-HTTLPR × Stress Risk Factor for Depression
Valeria Carola, Cornelius

Plaisance, Kathryn S. - Philosophy of Behavioral Biology, e-bok

Philosophy of Behavioral Biology

Plaisance, Kathryn S.


Table of contents
1. The Philosophy of Behavioral Biology
Kathryn S. Plaisance, Thomas A. C. Reydon
2. Knowledge for What? Monist, Pluralist, Pragmatist Approaches to the Sciences of Behavior
Helen Longino
3. Genome Wide Association Studies of Behavior are Social Science
Eric Turkheimer
4. Genetic

Gross, Gerhard - Current Antipsychotics, e-bok

Current Antipsychotics

Gross, Gerhard


Table of contents
1. The Dopamine Dysfunction in Schizophrenia Revisited: New Insights into Topography and Course
Rebecca Kuepper, Mette Skinbjerg, Anissa Abi-Dargham
2. Role of Dopamine D2 Receptors for Antipsychotic Activity