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Uppal, Herjinder - Play Activities for the Early Years, e-bok

Play Activities for the Early Years

Uppal, Herjinder


Play Activities for the Early Years contains over 140 fun activities to encourage purposeful play. There are six chapters: communication, language and literacy; mathematical development; knowledge and understanding of the world; creative development;

Potočnjak, Dragica - Alisa, Alice, e-bok

Alisa, Alice

Potočnjak, Dragica


Dragica Potočnjak’s play deals symbolically with the attitude of the European Union towards refugees, and specifically with issues of prejudice between two small nations with different religions, in the immediate context of a power relationship between a Slovenian

Lindon, Jennie - Play and Learning in the Early Years, e-bok

Play and Learning in the Early Years

Lindon, Jennie


Activities at each age range cover the following areas of learning and development at a level suitable for toddlers and babies: Communication, Language and Literacy Problem Solving, Reasoning and Numeracy Knowledge and Understanding of the World Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Vehkoo, Johanna - Matkailijan Neuvostoliitto, e-bok

Matkailijan Neuvostoliitto

Vehkoo, Johanna


Matkailijan Neuvostoliitto on Long Playn ensimmäinen matkailujuttu. Sen kohde on menneisyys. Long Play julkaisee hidasta, tutkivaa journalismia ja reportaaseja digitaalisessa muodossa. longplay.fi

Ranta, Kukka - Suomalainen kalasoppa, e-bok

Suomalainen kalasoppa

Ranta, Kukka


Kuka on oikeassa? Long Playn kymmenennessä jutussa sukelletaan kalastuksen maailmaan ja kerrotaan, miten Saimaan muikusta on tullut jopa niin poliittinen eläin, että harrastajakalastajia yritetään vaientaa kovin ottein.

Schousboe, Ivy - Children's Play and Development, e-bok

Children's Play and Development

Schousboe, Ivy


The Structure of Fantasy Play and Its Implications for Good and Evil Games
Ivy Schousboe
3. Playing with Social Identities: Play in the Everyday Life of a Peer Group in Day Care
Ditte Winther-Lindqvist
4. Pedagogical

Schaefer, Charles E. - Play Therapy with Adults, e-bok

Play Therapy with Adults

Schaefer, Charles E.


Learn how to incorporate adult play therapy into your practice with this easy-to-use guide
In the Western world there has been a widening belief that play is not a trivial or childish pursuit but rather a prime pillar of mental health, along with

Garland, David C. - Born to Play Football, e-bok

Born to Play Football

Garland, David C.


From the age of five Benny Gardner was destined to play football. His father once played Premier League football for three different clubs. This determined the path Benny would take on a journey from the time he once played