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Vreysen, M. J. B. - Area-Wide Control of Insect Pests, e-bok

Area-Wide Control of Insect Pests

Vreysen, M. J. B.


The Mountain Pine Beetle Dendroctonus ponderosae in Western North America: Potential for Area-Wide Integrated Management
A. L. Carroll
29. A Strategy for an Area-Wide Control Campaign with an SIT Component to Establish a Tsetse- (Glossina austeni and Glossina

Mebazaa, Alexandre - Acute Heart Failure, e-bok

Acute Heart Failure

Mebazaa, Alexandre


Risk Stratification Models and Predictors of Mortality in Acute Heart Failure Syndromes, Based on United States Registries
Gregg C. Fonarow
3. Epidemiology and Management of Acute Heart Failure Syndromes in Europ