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Weber, Beverly M. - Violence and Gender in the “New” Europe, e-bok

Violence and Gender in the “New” Europe

Weber, Beverly M.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Undoing the Connections between Muslim Violence, “Culture,” and Secularism
Beverly M. Weber
2. A Regime of Gender Violence: Honor Killings, Familial Violence, and Muslim Women’s Subjectivities

Foley, John Miles - A Companion to Ancient Epic, e-bok

A Companion to Ancient Epic

Foley, John Miles


A Companion to Ancient Epic presents for the first time a comprehensive, up-to-date overview of ancient Near Eastern, Greek and Roman epic. It offers a multi-disciplinary discussion of both longstanding ideas and newer perspectives.
A Companion to the Near Eastern,

Uebel, Michael - Ecstatic Transformation, e-bok

Ecstatic Transformation

Uebel, Michael


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Uses of Medieval Alterity
Michael Uebel
Part One. The Material of Alterity
2. Eastern Marvels
Michael Uebel
3. Muslim Monstrosity
Michael Uebel
Part Two. The Space of Alterity
4. Medieval Desert Utopias
Michael Uebel
5. Desert Ecstasies

Dowden, Ken - A Companion to Greek Mythology, e-bok

A Companion to Greek Mythology

Dowden, Ken

Från 177,75€

A Companion to Greek Mythology presents a series of essays that explore the phenomenon of Greek myth from its origins in shared Indo-European story patterns and the Greeks’ contacts with their Eastern Mediterranean neighbours through its development as a shared language and thought-system

McJannet, Linda - The Sultan Speaks, e-bok

The Sultan Speaks

McJannet, Linda


“History Written by the Enemy”: Eastern Sources about the Ottomans
Linda McJannet
6. Citing “the Turkes’ Own Chronicles”: Knolles’ Generall Historie of the Turkes
Linda McJannet
7. Horrible Acts and Wicked Offenses: Suleyman and Mustapha

Stabler, Jane - Palgrave Advances in Byron Studies, e-bok

Palgrave Advances in Byron Studies

Stabler, Jane


Table of contents
1. Introduction Reading Byron Now
Jane Stabler
2. Byron and the Choreography of Queer Desire
Steven Bruhm
3. Byron and the Politics of Editing
Peter Cochran
4. Byron and Digression
Paul M. Curtis
5. Byron and History
Caroline Franklin
6. Byron and Post-Colonial Criticism:

Attwell, David - Debating <Emphasis Type="Italic">Orientalism</Emphasis>, e-bok

Debating Orientalism

Attwell, David


Orientalism’s Contribution to World History and Middle Eastern History 35 Years Later
Peter Gran
3. Flaubert’s Camel: Said’s Animus
Robert Irwin
4. Said before Said
Donna Landry
5. Orienting America: Sanskrit and Modern Scholarship in