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O'Sullivan, Darren - My Lot, e-bok

My Lot

O'Sullivan, Darren


This two act play is for eight actors and suits any acting age, range and ability from college students to adult companies.

Strindberg, August - The Road to Damascus, e-bok

The Road to Damascus

Strindberg, August


August Strindberg's classic trilogy of plays entitled To Damascus (also known as The Road to Damascus) is known as his greatest work. A very complex and thought provoking play series, it follows the conversations between two characters: the Stranger

Parra, Angelo - Playwriting For Dummies, e-bok

Playwriting For Dummies

Parra, Angelo


Guides you through every process of playwriting?from soliloquies, church skits, and one act plays to big Broadway musicalsAdvice on moving your script to the public stageGuidance on navigating loopholes
If you're an aspiring playwright looking to begin the process,

Sanchez, Michael John - Fiddle For Dummies, e-bok

Fiddle For Dummies

Sanchez, Michael John


Tackling a new instrument can be intimidating, but with this easy-to-use guide, you'll have no trouble at all! From selecting, tuning, and caring for your fiddle to mastering various music styles, Fiddle For Dummies walks you step-by-step through everything you need to start playing

Hall, Edith - Agamemnon in Performance 458 BC to AD 2004, e-bok

Agamemnon in Performance 458 BC to AD 2004

Hall, Edith


This interdisciplinary, multi-author volume is devoted to the performance reception of Aeschylus's Agamemnon, the first play in his Oresteia trilogy. The eighteen essays trace the story of the impact and influence of this seminal play, from its original... Copying

Mukherjee, Souvik - Videogames and Postcolonialism, e-bok

Videogames and Postcolonialism

Mukherjee, Souvik


The Playing Fields of Empire: Empire and Spatiality in Videogames
Souvik Mukherjee
3. Playing the Hybrid Subject: The Slave and the Subaltern in Videogames
Souvik Mukherjee
4. Playing Alternative Histories: Post colonialism, History, and Videogames

Roche, Anthony - Brian Friel, e-bok

Brian Friel

Roche, Anthony


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anthony Roche
2. Escaping Containment: The Early Plays of Brian Friel
Anthony Roche
3. Friel and the Director: Tyrone Guthrie and Hilton Edwards
Anthony Roche
4. Fantasy in Friel
Anthony Roche
5. Brian Friel and Contemporary British Drama: The Missing Dimension