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Yang, Yuhang - Green Communications and Networks, e-bok

Green Communications and Networks

Yang, Yuhang


Method of Lower and Upper Solutions for Fourth-Order Multi-Point Boundary Value Problem with p-Laplacian Operator
Xianrui Meng, Yuxia Tong, Shujun Wang
84. The Existence of Solutions to Fourth-Order Boundary Value Problems

Jeong, Hwa Young - Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications, e-bok

Advanced in Computer Science and its Applications

Jeong, Hwa Young


Potential Attacks against k-Anonymity on LBS and Solutions for Defending the Attacks
Pan Juncheng, Deng Huimin, Song Yinghui, Li Dong
125. To Practice Management Innovation and Reinforce the Foundation of Intellectual Property Strategy
Wen-Liang Sun, Yong-Fei

He, Xingui - Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications, e-bok

Computer, Informatics, Cybernetics and Applications

He, Xingui


Spectra of Discrete Multi-Splitting Waveform Relaxation Methods to Determining Periodic Solutions of Linear Differential-Algebraic Equations
Xiaolin Lin, Liming Liu, Hong Wei, Yuan Sang, Yumei Wang, Ronghui Lu
11. A Low Power Limiting Amplifier Designed for

Suarez, Carlos E. - Light Metals 2012, e-bok

Light Metals 2012

Suarez, Carlos E.


Kinetics of Boehmite Precipitation from Supersaturated Sodium Aluminate Solutions with Ethanol-Water Solvent
Zhi Wang, Rongguang Xu, Liu Yang, Zhancheng Guo
22. Effect of Crystal Growth Modifier on the Structure of Sodium Aluminate Liquors Analyzed by Raman