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Bergenholtz, Gunnar - Textbook of Endodontology, e-bok

Textbook of Endodontology

Bergenholtz, Gunnar

Från 124,10€

Textbook of Endodontology continues its important function of providing lucid scholarship and clear discussion of biological concepts and treatment principles in endodontics, and as such will be an important update to its current readers and a valuable discovery to

Froum, Stuart J. - The Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guide, e-bok

The Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guide

Froum, Stuart J.

Från 46,85€

Written for dental professionals seeking quick advice on prescribing medications for their patients, the book offers: An easy-to-read question-and-answer format, the text describes evidenced-based pharmacologic therapy with current and up-to-date references regarding adjunctive pharmacologic treatment

Weinstein, Geraldine M. - The Dental Reference Manual, e-bok

The Dental Reference Manual

Weinstein, Geraldine M.


Table of contents
Part I. Essentials of Dental Practice
1. Comprehensive Head and Neck Exam
Rosalia Rey, Nereyda Clark, Pamela Sandow
2. Dental Radiology
Rujuta Katkar
3. Caries Risk Assessment, Remineralizing, and Desensitizing Strategies in Preventive-Restorative Dentistry
Saulo Geraldeli, Alex J.