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Kramer, Annika - Turkey's Water Policy, e-bok

Turkey's Water Policy

Kramer, Annika


Turkey’s Policy for Combating Water Pollution
Gokhan Orhan, Waltina Scheumann
8. Environmental Impact Assessment in Turkish Dam Planning
Waltina Scheumann, Vera Baumann, Anna Lena Mueller, Dennis Mutschler, Sylvia Steiner, Thomas Walenta
9. NGOs Promote

Ross, Stuart - Crime, Victims and Policy, e-bok

Crime, Victims and Policy

Ross, Stuart


Victims in the Australian Criminal Justice System: Principles, Policy and (Distr)action
Stuart Ross
11. The Evolution of Victims’ Rights and Services in Australia
Michael O’Connell

Gatrell, Jay D. - Urban Sustainability: Policy and Praxis, e-bok

Urban Sustainability: Policy and Praxis

Gatrell, Jay D.


Table of contents
1. Urban Sustainability: Perspectives on Change
Jay D. Gatrell, Mark W. Patterson
2. Urban Stream Management Using Spatial Approaches for Stream Clean-Up Data
Patrick Lawrence
3. Ecosystem Services Assessment from…

Ogg, James Thomas - Preventive Justice and the Power of Policy Transfer, e-bok

Preventive Justice and the Power of Policy Transfer

Ogg, James Thomas


Table of contents
1. Introduction
James Thomas Ogg
2. ‘Serious’ Shifts in Organised Crime Control
James Thomas Ogg
3. A State of Prevention
James Thomas Ogg
4. Policy Transfer and Everyday Policy-Making
James Thomas Ogg
5. Process-Tracing: Case Study and Method
James Thomas Ogg

Knoepfel, Peter - Environmental Policy Analyses, e-bok

Environmental Policy Analyses

Knoepfel, Peter


Explaining Differences in the Performance of Clean Air Policies: An International and Interregional Comparative Study (1986)
Peter Knoepfel, Helmut Weidner
Section II. Institutional Change
5. Evaluation of the Federal Office of Environmental Protection:

Keulartz, Jozef - Legitimacy In European Nature Conservation Policy, e-bok

Legitimacy In European Nature Conservation Policy

Keulartz, Jozef


Resistance to Top-Down Conservation Policy and the Search for New Participatory Models
Susanna Björkell
9. Visions and Scales of Nature and Society in Nature Management
Jac A. A. Swart
10. Creation of a Bottom–Up Nature Conservation Policy in Poland

Pharino, C. - Sustainable Water Quality Management Policy, e-bok

Sustainable Water Quality Management Policy

Pharino, C.


Table of contents
1. Background
2. Concept, Framework and Considerations for Water Quality Trading
3. Overview of Observations in Water Quality Trading
4. Potential Role of Trading in Water Area
5. Conclusion