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Searle, Shayle R. - Linear Models, e-bok

Linear Models

Searle, Shayle R.


This 1971 classic on linear models is once again available--as a Wiley Classics Library Edition. It features material that can be understood by any statistician who understands matrix algebra and basic statistical methods.

Belashov, Vasily Yu. - Solitary Waves in Dispersive Complex Media, e-bok

Solitary Waves in Dispersive Complex Media

Belashov, Vasily Yu.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
2. KdV-Class Solitons
3. Generalized KdV Equations. NLS and DNLS Equations
4. Classic Two- and Three-Dimensional KP Models and Their Applications
5. Generalized Two- and Three-Dimensional Models and Their Applications
6. Appendices

Printing: not

Henderson, Peter A. - Ecological Methods, e-bok

Ecological Methods

Henderson, Peter A.


4th edition of this classic Ecology text Computational methods have largely been replaced by descriptions of the available software Includes procedure information for R software and other freely available software systems Now includes web references for equipment, software and detailed

Lamperti, John W. - Probability: A Survey of the Mathematical Theory, e-bok

Probability: A Survey of the Mathematical Theory

Lamperti, John W.


The brand new edition of this classic text--with more exercises and easier to use than ever Like the first edition, this new version of Lamperti's classic text succeeds in making this fascinating area of mathematics accessible to readers who have limited

Arditti, Joseph - Micropropagation of Orchids, e-bok

Micropropagation of Orchids

Arditti, Joseph


This greatly expanded and updated edition of a classic reference work comprises two volumes offering a compendium of methods for multiplying orchids through micropropagation.
A detailed collection of procedures and methods for multiplying orchids, including organ, tissue, and cell culture

Crabtree, Robert H. - The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals, e-bok

The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals

Crabtree, Robert H.


Fully updated and expanded to reflect recent advances, this Fourth Edition of the classic text provides students and professional chemists with an excellent introduction to the principles and general properties of organometallic compounds, as well as including practical information on reaction

Parrochia, Daniel - Towards a General Theory of Classifications, e-bok

Towards a General Theory of Classifications

Parrochia, Daniel


Table of contents
1. Philosophical Problems
Daniel Parrochia, Pierre Neuville
2. Information Data Structures
Daniel Parrochia, Pierre Neuville
3. Empirical Clustering and Classic Hierarchies
Daniel Parrochia, Pierre Neuville
4. Algebra of Trees
Daniel Parrochia, Pierre Neuville
5. Generalized

López-Gómez, J. - Algebraic Multiplicity of Eigenvalues of Linear Operators, e-bok

Algebraic Multiplicity of Eigenvalues of Linear Operators

López-Gómez, J.


Table of contents
Part I.Finite-dimensional Classic Spectral Theory
1. The Jordan Theorem
2. Operator Calculus
3. Spectral Projections
Part II.Algebraic Multiplicities
4. Algebraic Multiplicity Through Transversalization
5. Algebraic Multiplicity Through Polynomial Factorization
6. Uniqueness