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Principe, Lawrence M. - New Narratives in Eighteenth-Century Chemistry, e-bok

New Narratives in Eighteenth-Century Chemistry

Principe, Lawrence M.


Table of contents
1. A Revolution Nobody Noticed? Changes in Early Eighteenth-Century Chymistry
Lawrence M. Principe
2. Georg Ernst Stahl's Alchemical Publications: Anachronism, Reading Market, and A Scientific Lineage Redefined
Kevin Chang
3. Chemistry without Principles: Herman Boerhaave on Instruments and

Frize, Monique - Laura Bassi and Science in 18th Century Europe, e-bok

Laura Bassi and Science in 18th Century Europe

Frize, Monique


Table of contents
1. An Extraordinary Event in 1732
Monique Frize
2. ‘Querelle des femmes’ and Debates on the ‘Woman Question’
Monique Frize
3. Women in Science and Medicine in Europe Prior to the Eighteenth Century
Monique Frize
4. Laura Bassi: Her Education and Her Marriage
Monique Frize