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Gérard, Battail - Information and Life, e-bok

Information and Life

Gérard, Battail


Table of contents
Part I. Information as a Scientific Entity
1. Introduction
Gérard Battail
2. What is Information?
Gérard Battail
3. Basic Principles of Communication Engineering
Gérard Battail
4. Information Theory as the Science of Literal Communication
Gérard Battail
5. Channel Capacity

Decker, Heinz - Oxygen and the Evolution of Life, e-bok

Oxygen and the Evolution of Life

Decker, Heinz


Table of contents
1. Oxygen, Its Nature and Chemistry: What Is so Special About This Element?
Heinz Decker, Kensal E. Holde
2. A Brief History of Oxygen
Heinz Decker, Kensal E. Holde
3. Coping with Oxygen
Heinz Decker, Kensal E.…

Goodsell, David S. - Machinery of Life, e-bok

Machinery of Life

Goodsell, David S.


Table of contents
2. Introduction
David S. Goodsell
3. Molecular Machines
David S. Goodsell
4. The Processes of Living
David S. Goodsell
5. Molecules in Cells: Escherichia coli
David S. Goodsell
6. A Human Cell: The Advantages of Compartments
David S. Goodsell
7. The

Graham, Peter - Darwin's Sciences, e-bok

Darwin's Sciences

Graham, Peter


A complete scientific biography of Darwin that takes into account the latest research findings, both published and unpublished, on the life of this remarkable man.

Considered the first book to thoroughly emphasize Darwin’s research in various fields of endeavor, what he did,

Marko¿, Anton - Life as Its Own Designer, e-bok

Life as Its Own Designer

Marko¿, Anton


Table of contents
2. Roots of Rationality and Hermeneutics
Anton Markoš, Filip Grygar, László Hajnal, Karel Kleisner, Zdeněk Kratochvíl, Zdeněk Neubauer
3. Co-creators of the World
Anton Markoš, Filip Grygar, László Hajnal, Karel…

Barbieri, Marcello - The Codes of Life, e-bok

The Codes of Life

Barbieri, Marcello


Table of contents
Part 1. Codes and Evolution
1. Codes of Biosequences
Edward N. Trifonov
2. The Mechanisms of Evolution: Natural Selection and Natural Conventions
Marcello Barbieri
Part 2. The Genetic Code
3. Catalytic Propensity…

Sigel, Astrid - The Alkali Metal Ions: Their Role for Life, e-bok

The Alkali Metal Ions: Their Role for Life

Sigel, Astrid


Table of contents
1. Bioinorganic Chemistry of the Alkali Metal Ions
Youngsam Kim, Thuy-Tien T. Nguyen, David G. Churchill
2. Determination of Alkali Ions in Biological and Environmental Samples
Peter C. Hauser
3. Solid State Structures…