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Cloke, Paul - Swept Up Lives?: Re-envisioning the Homeless City, e-bok

Swept Up Lives?: Re-envisioning the Homeless City

Cloke, Paul


Utilizing innovative ethnographic research, Swept Up Lives? challenges conventional accounts of urban homelessness to trace the complex and varied attempts to care for homeless people Presents innovative ethnographic research which suggests an important shift in perspective in the analysis and understanding of urban homelessness Emphasizes

Brenner, Neil - State/Space: A Reader, e-bok

State/Space: A Reader

Brenner, Neil


The first volume to present an accessible yet challenging overview of the changing geographies of state power under capitalism. A unique, interdisciplinary collection of contributions by major theorists and analysts of state spatial restructuring in the current era.

Logan, John - Urban China in Transition, e-bok

Urban China in Transition

Logan, John


Offers a multi-dimensional analysis of urban life in China Highlights a diversity of trends in the areas of migration, criminal victimization, gated communities, and the status of women, suburbanization, and neighbourhood associations Each chapter includes input from both an expert on urban life in China

Mingione, Enzo - Urban Poverty and the Underclass, e-bok

Urban Poverty and the Underclass

Mingione, Enzo


This volume, edited by one of Europe's foremost sociologists, aims to assess the debates surrounding poverty and the responses to it, exploring the ways in which the various socio-political systems and welfarist regimes are being radically transformed. The essays examine