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Kostera, Monika - Organizational Olympians, e-bok

Organizational Olympians

Kostera, Monika


From Managers to Artists and Priests: On Transformation and Development of Organizational Leaders
Dorota Bourne
6. The Uncanny Organization Man: Superhero Myths and Contemporary Management Discourse
Alf Rehn, Marcus Lindahl
7. From Rags to Riches: A

Biberman, Jerry - Stories to Tell Your Students, e-bok

Stories to Tell Your Students

Biberman, Jerry


Chinese and Greek Artists and the Restoration of an Old Palace
Satinder Dhiman
67. Treasure under One’s Own House
Jerry Biberman
68. Walking the Talk: A Story about Mahatma Gandhi
Satinder Dhiman
69. Concentration Camp and Commander’s Humanity