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Rowe, John Carlos - A Concise Companion to American Studies, e-bok

A Concise Companion to American Studies

Rowe, John Carlos


A Companion to American Studies is an essential volume that brings together voices and scholarship from across the spectrum of American experience. A collection of 22 original essays which provides an unprecedented introduction to the "new" American Studies:

Gilligan, Carol - Why Does Patriarchy Persist?, e-bok

Why Does Patriarchy Persist?

Gilligan, Carol


The election of an unabashedly patriarchal man as US President was a shock for many—despite decades of activism on gender inequalities and equal rights, how could it come to this? What is it about patriarchy that seems to make it so resilient and resistant…

Rojek, Chris - A Handbook of Leisure Studies, e-bok

A Handbook of Leisure Studies

Rojek, Chris


The concept of praxis Cultural Studies and the Leisure Industries
Chris Barker
31. Articulation
David Harris
32. Community
Alison Pedlar, Lawrence Haworth
33. Resistance
Susan M. Shaw

Hernando, Almudena - The Fantasy of Individuality, e-bok

The Fantasy of Individuality

Hernando, Almudena


Table of contents
1. General Approach
Almudena Hernando
2. Sex and Gender
Almudena Hernando
3. The Origin
Almudena Hernando
4. Relational Identity (or Identity When One Has No Power over the World)
Almudena Hernando

Hester, Helen - Xenofeminism, e-bok


Hester, Helen


In an era of accelerating technology and increasing complexity, how should we reimagine the emancipatory potential of feminism? How should gender politics be reconfigured in a world being transformed by automation, globalization and the digital revolution?…

Pande, Rekha - A Journey into Women’s Studies, e-bok

A Journey into Women’s Studies

Pande, Rekha


From Feminist Activist to Professor
Drude Dahlerup
7. My Tryst with Women’s Studies
Rekha Pande
Part II. Articulating Regional Experiences
8. Being a Woman and Doing Gender in Sweden
Anita Nyberg
9. Mainstreaming Women’s Studies

Noble, Denise - Decolonizing and Feminizing Freedom, e-bok

Decolonizing and Feminizing Freedom

Noble, Denise


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Decolonizing and Feminizing Freedom
Denise Noble
2. Turning History Upside Down
Denise Noble
3. The Old and New Ethnicities of Postcolonial Black (British)ness
Denise Noble
4. ‘Standing in…

Misir, Prem - The Subaltern Indian Woman, e-bok

The Subaltern Indian Woman

Misir, Prem


Fallen Through the Nationalist and Feminist Grids of Analysis: Political Campaigning of Indian Women Against Indentured Labour Emigration
Shobna Nijhawan
9. Constructing Visibility: Indian Women in the Jamaican Segment of the Indian Diaspora
Verene A.

Snaith, Anna - Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies, e-bok

Palgrave Advances in Virginia Woolf Studies

Snaith, Anna


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Anna Snaith
2. Narratological approaches
Melba Cuddy-Keane
3. Modernist Studies
Jane Goldman
4. Psychoanalytic approaches
Makiko Minow-Pinkney
5. Biographical approaches
Mark Hussey
6. Feminist approaches
Beth Rigel Daugherty
7. Bibliographic