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Johansson, Jon - US Leadership in Political Time and Space, e-bok

US Leadership in Political Time and Space

Johansson, Jon


Table of contents
Part I. Americans as Free Artists of Themselves
1. US Leadership in Political Time and Space
Jon Johansson
Part II. Revolutionary Exemplars: Words as Action and Actions as Words
2. Thomas Paine: The Rise and Fall of an Existential Hero
Jon Johansson
3. Henry Knox: Patriot Leader

Bell, David S. - The Presidents of the French Fifth Republic, e-bok

The Presidents of the French Fifth Republic

Bell, David S.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: the Presidency in the French Fifth Republic
David S. Bell, John Gaffney
Part I. Republican Presidentialism
2. Political Leadership: from the Fourth to the Fifth Republic
David Hanley
3. ‘Hyperpresidentialism’ and the Fifth Republic State Imperative
Jack Hayward

Alexander, Victoria D. - Art and the Challenge of Markets Volume 1, e-bok

Art and the Challenge of Markets Volume 1

Alexander, Victoria D.


The Uneven Distribution of International Success in the Visual Artists Among Nations, According to the Rankings of the ‘Top 100 Artists in the World’
Alain Quemin
10. Beyond Reproduction: Asymmetrical Interdependencies and the Transformation of Centers

Papastergiadis, Nikos - Cosmopolitanism and Culture, e-bok

Cosmopolitanism and Culture

Papastergiadis, Nikos

Från 26,75€

This book examines how the images of the terrorist and the refugee, by being dispersed across almost all aspects of social life, have resulted in the production of ‘ambient fears’, and it explores the role of artists in reclaiming the conditions of

Flew, Terry - Global Creative Industries, e-bok

Global Creative Industries

Flew, Terry

Från 25,30€

The creative industries are the subject of growing attention among policy-makers, academics, activists, artists and development specialists worldwide. This engaging book provides a global overview of developments in the creative industries, and analyses how these developments relate to wider

Jenkins, Henry - Participatory Culture: Interviews, e-bok

Participatory Culture: Interviews

Jenkins, Henry


Since 2006, Henry Jenkins's Confessions of an Aca-Fan blog has hosted interviews in which academics, activists, and artists have shared their views on the changing media landscape. For the first time, Jenkins – often called “the Marshall McLuhan for the twenty-first century” –

Küpers, Wendelin - ReThinking Management, e-bok

ReThinking Management

Küpers, Wendelin


Are Artists the Better Managers? Perspectives on a Participatory Understanding of Cultural Management
Siglinde Lang
Part III. Applications & Activities
8. The (Ante-)Narrative of G/growth in Management Consulting as Liminal Sense-Making Strategy

Nguyen-Marshall, Van - The Reinvention of Distinction, e-bok

The Reinvention of Distinction

Nguyen-Marshall, Van


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Who Are the Urban Middle Class in Vietnam?
Danièle Bélanger, Lisa B. Welch Drummond, Nguyen-Marshall
2. Advertising, Modernity, and Consumer Culture in Colonial Vietnam
George Dutton
3. Cuisine and Social Status Among Urban Vietnamese, 1888–1926
Erica J. Peters