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Righi, Andrea - Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy, e-bok

Biopolitics and Social Change in Italy

Righi, Andrea


The Personal Is (Bio)Political! Italian Marxist Neo-feminism and Its Historical Trajectory
Andrea Righi
4. Pasolini and the Politics of Life of Neocapitalism
Andrea Righi
5. 1968–1977: The Movement and Its Biopolitical Élan
Andrea Righi

Hatina, Meir - Arab Liberal Thought after 1967, e-bok

Arab Liberal Thought after 1967

Hatina, Meir


Arab Post-Marxists after Disillusionment: Between Liberal Newspeak and Revolution Reloaded
Manfred Sing
10. Ziad al-Rahbani and the Liberal Subject
Sune Haugbølle
11. The Ambivalent Embrace of Liberalism: The Draft Program of the Freedom and Justice

Smith, James - Terry Eagleton, e-bok

Terry Eagleton

Smith, James

Från 25,30€

His diverse body of work has been crucial to developments in cultural theory and literary critical practice in modern times, and for a generation of humanities students his writing has been a source of both provocation and enjoyment.
This book undertakes a lucid

Dépelteau, François - Investigating <Emphasis Type="Italic">Shrek</Emphasis>, e-bok

Investigating Shrek

Dépelteau, François


“Happiness Is Just a Teardrop Away”: A Neo-Marxist Interpretation of Shrek
Alexander Spencer, Judith Renner, Andreas Kruck
Part II. Shrek in Context
6. The Mouse Is Dead, Long Live the Ogre: Shrek and the Boundaries of Transgression
Daniel Downes,

Feraboli, Omar - Post-Crash Economics, e-bok

Post-Crash Economics

Feraboli, Omar


History of Contemporary Economic Thought: Radical Economics, Marxist Economics and Marx ’s Economics
Jane Hardy
Part II. Problems in Micro Economics
5. Applying Principles of Action Learning in Undergraduate Economics
Robbie Mochrie

Callinicos, Alex - Imperialism and Global Political Economy, e-bok

Imperialism and Global Political Economy

Callinicos, Alex

Från 29,70€

In the first part, he critically assesses the classical theories of imperialism developed in the era of the First World War by Marxists such as Lenin, Luxemburg, and Bukharin and by the Liberal economist J.A. Hobson. He then outlines

Selwyn, Benjamin - The Struggle for Development, e-bok

The Struggle for Development

Selwyn, Benjamin


Development theories – from neoliberal to statist and Marxist – are revealed as justifying and promoting labouring class exploitation despite their pro-poor rhetoric. Selwyn also offers an alternative in the form of labour-led

Jones, Paul - Raymond Williams’s Sociology of Culture, e-bok

Raymond Williams’s Sociology of Culture

Jones, Paul


Table of contents
1. Settling Accounts with ‘Culture’
Paul Jones
2. Cultural Materialism versus ‘Received Marxist Theory’
Paul Jones
3. From Criticism to Critique
Paul Jones
4. Social Formalism
Paul Jones
5. Towards a Sociology of Culture
Paul Jones
6. Cultural Production and