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Parry, Barbara - Teach Yourself VISUALLY Hand-Dyeing, e-bok

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Hand-Dyeing

Parry, Barbara


She produces her own yarn line from the wool of the sheep she raises on her farm in the Berkshire foothills, which is home to 70 sheep, two llamas, and two goats. The wool she produces is prized by knitters and handspinners and

Veale, Bernard - The Perfect Valley, e-bok

The Perfect Valley

Veale, Bernard


The valley has everything he needs to survive including several hundred sheep and there is a nearby herd of mustangs. With the help of a young Mexican boy, he takes some sheep to the county seat where the railroad-Irish pay good

Hill, Dave - Revolutionizing Pedagogy, e-bok

Revolutionizing Pedagogy

Hill, Dave


A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing or a Sheep in Wolf’s Clothing: Resistance to Educational Reform in Chile
Jill Pinkney Pastrana
3. Education Rights, Education Policies, and Inequality in South Africa
Salim Vally, Enver Motala, Brian Ramadiro
4. Taking

Park, Young W. - Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products, e-bok

Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products

Park, Young W.


Bioactive Components in Milk and Dairy Products extensively covers the bioactive components in milk and dairy products of many dairy species including cows, goats, buffalo, sheep, horse, camel, and other minor species. Coverage for each of the various dairy species includes: bioactive proteins

It is Love

It is Love

Cartland, Barbara


Michael Belmont is heir to an Earldom, but he is also the family black sheep, a charming gambler leading a dissolute life in France. He has quarrelled with his father, who has threatened to disinherit him. When he reads in a newspaper that his father has died, he does not even have enough