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Lazar, Michelle M. - Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis, e-bok

Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis

Lazar, Michelle M.


Politicizing Gender in Discourse: Feminist Critical Discourse Analysis as Political Perspective and Praxis
Michelle M. Lazar
Part I. Post-Equality? Analyses of Subtle Sexism
2. Power and Discourse at Work: Is Gender Relevant?
Janet Holmes
3. The

Delap, Lucy - Feminist Media History, e-bok

Feminist Media History

Delap, Lucy


Table of contents
1. Introduction: The Challenges and Contributions of Feminist Media History
Maria DiCenzo, Lucy Delap, Leila Ryan
2. Introduction
Maria DiCenzo, Lucy Delap, Leila Ryan
3. Introduction
Maria DiCenzo
4. Unity and Dissent: Official Organs of the Suffrage Campaign
Maria DiCenzo

Dolezal, Luna - New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment, e-bok

New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment

Dolezal, Luna


Contested Terrains: New Feminist Perspectives on Embodiment
Clara Fischer, Luna Dolezal
Part I. Normative Bodies, Ethics, and Vulnerability
2. A Genealogy of Women’s (Un)Ethical Bodies
Gail Weiss
3. The Normal Body: Female Bodies in Changing Contexts

Dulfano, Isabel - Indigenous Feminist Narratives, e-bok

Indigenous Feminist Narratives

Dulfano, Isabel


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Isabel Dulfano
2. Canonical Representations of Indigenous Women in Latin American Literature
Isabel Dulfano
3. Notes on Indigenous Feminism Post-Testimonial
Isabel Dulfano
4. Memory/Memoir,…

David, Miriam E. - A Feminist Manifesto for Education, e-bok

A Feminist Manifesto for Education

David, Miriam E.


She puts the focus back onto issues such as changing patterns of women’s and girls’ participation in education across the globe, feminist strategies for policy and legal interventions around human rights, and violence against women and children. She discusses waves

Pressland, Amy - Being an Early Career Feminist Academic, e-bok

Being an Early Career Feminist Academic

Pressland, Amy


Introduction: Being an Early Career Feminist Academic in a Changing Academy
Rachel Thwaites, Amy Pressland
Part I. Introducing the Early Career Experience
2. A Precarious Passion: Gendered and Age-Based Insecurity Among Aspiring Academics in Australia

Brock, Malin Lidström - Writing Feminist Lives, e-bok

Writing Feminist Lives

Brock, Malin Lidström


Negotiating the Tradition—Feminist Realist Biography
Malin Lidström Brock
4. Breaking New Ground—Feminist Exemplary Biography
Malin Lidström Brock
5. Deconstructing the Life—Feminist