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Walsh, Linda - A Guide to Eighteenth-Century Art, e-bok

A Guide to Eighteenth-Century Art

Walsh, Linda


A Guide to Eighteenth-Century Art offers an introductory overview of the art, artists, and artistic movements of this period, and the social, economic, philosophical, and political debates that helped shape them. It uses an innovative framework to highlight the roles of tradition, modernity,

Adiseshiah, Siân - Twenty-First Century Fiction, e-bok

Twenty-First Century Fiction

Adiseshiah, Siân


Table of contents
1. Introduction: What Happens Now
Siân Adiseshiah, Rupert Hildyard
2. ‘Such a Thing as Avant-Garde Has Ceased to Exist’: The Hidden Legacies of the British Experimental Novel
Jennifer Hodgson
3. Tough Shit Erich Auerbach: Contingency and Estrangement in David Peace’s Occupied City

Fergusson, David - The Blackwell Companion to Nineteenth-Century Theology, e-bok

The Blackwell Companion to Nineteenth-Century Theology

Fergusson, David


Bringing together a collection of essays by prominent scholars, The Blackwell Companion to Nineteenth Century Theology presents a comprehensive account of the most significant theological figures, movements, and developments of thought that emerged in Europe and America during the nineteenth

Webb, Igor - Rereading the Nineteenth Century, e-bok

Rereading the Nineteenth Century

Webb, Igor


Table of contents
1. Preliminary
Igor Webb
2. Reading Mary Barton: The Writer and the Reader
Igor Webb
3. Charles Dickens in America: The Writer and Reality
Igor Webb
4. Narrative and the Problem of Evil: The Writer and Mortality

Richardson, Elsa - Second Sight in the Nineteenth Century, e-bok

Second Sight in the Nineteenth Century

Richardson, Elsa


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Elsa Richardson
2. Second Sight and the Creation of the Highlands
Elsa Richardson
3. Mesmerism, Phrenology and Supernatural History
Elsa Richardson
4. Primitive Spiritualism and Origin Stories

Phelan, Joseph - The Nineteenth-Century Sonnet, e-bok

The Nineteenth-Century Sonnet

Phelan, Joseph


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Joseph Phelan
2. The Wordsworthian Sonnet Revival: Poems in Two Volumes (1807)
Joseph Phelan
3. ‘Transcripts of the private heart’: The Sonnet and Autobiography
Joseph Phelan
4. The Political…

Shand, John - A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Philosophy, e-bok

A Companion to Nineteenth-Century Philosophy

Shand, John


Investigate the challenging and nuanced philosophy of the long nineteenth century from Kant to Bergson
Philosophy in the nineteenth century was characterized by new ways of thinking, a desperate searching for new truths. As science, art, and religion

Wilson, Peter H. - A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Europe, e-bok

A Companion to Eighteenth-Century Europe

Wilson, Peter H.


This Companion contains 31 essays by leading international scholars to provide an overview of the key debates on eighteenth-century Europe.

Examines the social, intellectual, economic, cultural, and political changes that took place throughout eighteenth-century Europe
Focuses on Europe while placing it