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Grioli, G. - Non-linear Continuum Theories, e-bok

Non-linear Continuum Theories

Grioli, G.


Table of contents
1. Thermodynamics and Wave Propagation in Elastic and Vi Scoelastic Media
Bernadrd D. Coleman, Morton E Gurtin
2. Sui Fondamenti Della Meccanica Dei Sistemi Continui (II)
Luciano De Vito
3. Problemi elastostatici con…

Lemaitre, Gérard René - Astronomical Optics and Elasticity Theory, e-bok

Astronomical Optics and Elasticity Theory

Lemaitre, Gérard René


Table of contents
1. Introduction to Optics and Elasticity
Gérard René Lemaitre
2. Dioptrics and Elasticity – Variable Curvature Mirrors (VCMs)
Gérard René Lemaitre
3. Active Optics and Correction of Third-Order Aberrations
Gérard René Lemaitre
4. Optical Design with the Schmidt Concept –

Gouesbet, Gérard - Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theories, e-bok

Generalized Lorenz-Mie Theories

Gouesbet, Gérard


Generalized Lorenz–Mie Theory in the Strict Sense, and Other GLMTs
Gérard Gouesbet, Gérard Gréhan
4. Gaussian Beams and Other Beams
Gérard Gouesbet, Gérard Gréhan
5. Finite Series
Gérard Gouesbet, Gérard Gréhan
6. Special Cases of

Luk¿, Antonín - Quantum Aspects of Light Propagation, e-bok

Quantum Aspects of Light Propagation

Luk¿, Antonín


Macroscopic Theories and Their Applications
Antonín Lukš, Vlasta Perinová
4. Microscopic Theories
Antonín Lukš, Vlasta Perinová
5. Microscopic Models as Related to Macroscopic Descriptions
Antonín Lukš, Vlasta Perinová
6. Periodic and

Nesterenko, Mikhail V. - Thin Impedance Vibrators, e-bok

Thin Impedance Vibrators

Nesterenko, Mikhail V.


General Questions of the Theory of Impedance Vibrators in the Spatial-Frequency Representation
Mikhail V. Nesterenko, Victor A. Katrich, Yuriy M. Penkin, Victor M. Dakhov, Sergey L. Berdnik
2. Radiation of Electromagnetic Waves by Impedance Vibrators in Free

Iniewski, Krzysztof - Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies, e-bok

Advanced Circuits for Emerging Technologies

Iniewski, Krzysztof


The book will address the-state-of-the-art in integrated circuit design in the context of emerging systems. New exciting opportunities in body area networks, wireless communications, data networking, and optical imaging are discussed. Emerging materials…