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Rahman, M. Azizur - An Introduction to Wavelet Modulated Inverters, e-bok

An Introduction to Wavelet Modulated Inverters

Rahman, M. Azizur

Från 96,80€

The introductory chapter briefly presents the fundamental topologies and operation of power inverters. The second chapter contains a description of wavelet basis functions and sampling theory with particular reference to the switching model of inverters. Chapter three outlines the connection

Zhang, Bo - Chaos Analysis and Chaotic EMI Suppression of DC-DC Converters, e-bok

Chaos Analysis and Chaotic EMI Suppression of DC-DC Converters

Zhang, Bo


The focus then transfers to estimating the power spectral density of chaotic PWM converters behind an introduction of basic principles of spectrum analysis and chaotic PWM technique. Invariant Density, and Prony and Wavelet analysis methods are suggested for estimating

Voldman, Steven H. - ESD Basics: From Semiconductor Manufacturing to Use, e-bok

ESD Basics: From Semiconductor Manufacturing to Use

Voldman, Steven H.


Electrostatic discharge (ESD) continues to impact semiconductor manufacturing, semiconductor components and systems, as technologies scale from micro- to nano electronics. This bookintroduces the fundamentals of ESD, electrical overstress (EOS), electromagnetic interference (EMI), electromagnetic

Robyns, Benoit - Electricity Production from Renewables Energies, e-bok

Electricity Production from Renewables Energies

Robyns, Benoit


Systems of electricity generation from renewable energy resources of small to medium powers are presented. The basic electrical concepts necessary for understanding the operating characteristics of these energy converters are introduced, and the constraints and

Bimberg, Dieter - Green Photonics and Electronics, e-bok

Green Photonics and Electronics

Bimberg, Dieter


Secure Power Management and Delivery Within Intelligent Power Networks on-Chip
Inna Partin-Vaisband, Eby G. Friedman
8. Energy Efficient System Architectures
Avinoam Kolodny
9. Low-Cost Harvesting of Solar Energy: The Future of Global Photovoltaics