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Ishida, Emile H. - Nature Technology, e-bok

Nature Technology

Ishida, Emile H.


Table of contents
1. Where Are We Heading?
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
2. The Eco-Dilemma
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
3. The True Nature of the Global Environmental Problem
Emile H. Ishida, Ryuzo Furukawa
4. A New Way…

Roulstone, Alan - Disability and Technology, e-bok

Disability and Technology

Roulstone, Alan


Employing Technology to Good Effect: Technology, Disability and the ‘Palace’ of Paid Work
Alan Roulstone
5. Disability, Ageing and Technology: They Think that Throwing a Pendant

Allhoff, Fritz - Porn - Philosophy for Everyone: How to Think With Kink, e-bok

Porn - Philosophy for Everyone: How to Think With Kink

Allhoff, Fritz


Features essays on non-traditional issues in porn, including celebrity sex tapes, virtual sex, S&M, homosexual porn, and technology’s impact on the porn industry Features fascinating insights from psychologists, a lawyer, and an English professor, as well as

George, Richard T. De - The Ethics of Information Technology and Business, e-bok

The Ethics of Information Technology and Business

George, Richard T. De


Explores a wide range of topics including marketing, privacy, and the protection of personal information; employees and communication privacy; intellectual property issues; the ethical issues of e-business; Internet-related business ethics problems; and the ethical dimension of information technology

Vries, Marc J. de - Teaching about Technology, e-bok

Teaching about Technology

Vries, Marc J. de


Learners’ Philosophies About Technologies
Marc J. de Vries
8. Reconceptualizing Technology Through Education
Marc J. de Vries
9. Learning Technological Concepts
Marc J. de Vries
10. Practical Issues in

Roeser, Sabine - Emotions and Risky Technologies, e-bok

Emotions and Risky Technologies

Roeser, Sabine


Table of contents
1. Moral Heuristics and Risk
Cass R. Sunstein
2. Here’s How I Feel: Don’t Trust Your Feelings!
Ronald Sousa
3. If I Look at the Mass I Will Never Act: Psychic NumbingPsychic Numbing and GenocideGenocide …

Dunn, George A. - Avatar and Philosophy: Learning to See, e-bok

Avatar and Philosophy: Learning to See

Dunn, George A.


James Cameron’s critically acclaimed movie Avatar was nominated for nine Academy Awards and received countless accolades for its breath-taking visuals and use of 3D technology. But beyond its cinematic splendour, can Avatar also offer us insights into business ethics, empathy, disability,