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Lautens, Mark - New Frontiers in Asymmetric Catalysis, e-bok

New Frontiers in Asymmetric Catalysis

Lautens, Mark


A compilation of recent advances and applications in asymmetric catalysis
The field of asymmetric catalysis has grown rapidly and plays a key role in drug discovery and pharmaceuticals. New Frontiers in Asymmetric Catalysis gives readers a fundamental understanding of the concepts and applications of asymmetric catalysis

Bates, Roderick - Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals, e-bok

Organic Synthesis Using Transition Metals

Bates, Roderick


Topics covered include:introduction to transition metals in organic synthesiscoupling reactionsC-H activationcarbonylative coupling reactionsalkene and alkyne insertion reactionselectrophilic alkene and alkyne complexesreactions of alkyne complexescarbene complexesh3- or p-allyl -allyl complexesdiene,

Ojima, Iwao - Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis, e-bok

Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis

Ojima, Iwao

Från 210,65€

An excellent working resource for academic researchers and industrial chemists alike, the Third Edition features:
Six entirely new chapters focusing on novel approaches to catalytic asymmetric synthesis including non-conventional media/conditions, organocatalysis, chiral Lewis and Bronsted acids,

Scott, Peter - Linker Strategies in Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis, e-bok

Linker Strategies in Solid-Phase Organic Synthesis

Scott, Peter


Topics include:
the principles of solid phase organic synthesis electrophile and nucleophile cleavable linker units cyclative cleavage as a solid phase strategy photocleavable linker units safety-catch linker units enzyme cleavable linker units T1 and T2 –versatile triazene linker groups hydrazone

Sener, Bilge - Innovations in Chemical Biology, e-bok

Innovations in Chemical Biology

Sener, Bilge


Recent Development of Ring Closing Metathesis Approach to Bioactive Heterocycles: Synthesis of Nakadomarin A, Quinolines, and Indoles
Masako Nakagawa, Mitsuhiro Arisawa, Atsushi Nishida
11. Effect of Molecular Structure on Polymorphic Nucleation of BPT Derivatives

Valle, Susan Del - Peptides for Youth, e-bok

Peptides for Youth

Valle, Susan Del


Parallel Solid-Phase Synthesis of Macrocyclic Peptidomimetics Using Ru-Catalyzed Ring-Closing Metathesis and a New Application of Cross Metathesis
Sylvie Beaubien, Hamid R. Hoveyda, Martin Vézina, Éric Marsault, Hugo Tremblay, Laurence Foucher, Kamel Benakli

Blondelle, Sylvie E. - Understanding Biology Using Peptides, e-bok

Understanding Biology Using Peptides

Blondelle, Sylvie E.


Application of Phenylphosphate Mimetics to the Design and Synthesis of Olefin Metathesis-Derived Grb2 SH2 Domain-Binding Macrocycles
Sang-Uk Kang, Zhen-Dan Shi1, Rajeshri Kariki1, Jason Phan, Karen M. Worthy, Lakshman K. Bindu, Marc Nicklaus, David S. Waugh, Robert