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Hedges, Inez - World Cinema and Cultural Memory, e-bok

World Cinema and Cultural Memory

Hedges, Inez


Living Memory: Representations of Drancy
Inez Hedges
3. Amnesiac Memory: Hiroshima in Japanese Film
Inez Hedges
4. Convulsive Memory: The Spanish Civil War and Post-Franco Spain

Bakshi, Anita - Topographies of Memories, e-bok

Topographies of Memories

Bakshi, Anita


Table of contents
Part I. GROUNDWORK: Revealing Place and Memory
1. Introduction
Anita Bakshi
2. Contortions of Memory
Anita Bakshi
Part II. FOCUS: Excavating Nicosia’s Buffer Zone
3. Tracing Times in Place
Anita Bakshi

Palmberger, Monika - Memories on the Move, e-bok

Memories on the Move

Palmberger, Monika


Introduction: Memories on the Move—Experiencing Mobility, Rethinking the Past
Jelena Tošić, Monika Palmberger
Part I. Mnemonic Dimensions of Exile
2. Shifting Sites: Memories of War and Exile across Time and Place

Hegasy, Sonja - The Social Life of Memory, e-bok

The Social Life of Memory

Hegasy, Sonja


Introduction: Memory Between Lieu and Milieu
Norman Saadi Nikro, Sonja Hegasy
2. A Life of Waiting: Political Violence, Personal Memories, and Enforced Disappearances in Morocco
Laura Menin
3. The Civil War’s

Holc, Janine - The Politics of Trauma and Memory Activism, e-bok

The Politics of Trauma and Memory Activism

Holc, Janine


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Janine Holc
2. Memory Activism Challenging the Reconciliation Paradigm
Janine Holc
3. Memory Activism in a Historic Borderland
Janine Holc
4. Memory Activism in a Porous Field
Janine Holc
5. The State as Context and Competitor in Memory Politics

Albano, Caterina - Memory, Forgetting and the Moving Image, e-bok

Memory, Forgetting and the Moving Image

Albano, Caterina


Table of contents
1. Memory, Modernity and the Moving Image
Caterina Albano
2. Mémoir(e) and Mémoire(s)
Caterina Albano
3. Trauma, Latency and Amnesia
Caterina Albano
4. Sound, Trace and Interference
Caterina Albano
5. Amnesia and the Archive
Caterina Albano
6. Afterword: Contingency

Mahn, Churnjeet - Partition and the Practice of Memory, e-bok

Partition and the Practice of Memory

Mahn, Churnjeet


Music and its Many Memories: Complicating 1947 for the Punjab
Radha Kapuria
3. From Udero Lal in Sindh to Ulhasnagar in Maharashtra: Partition and Memories Across Borders in the Tradition of Jhulelal
Michel Boivin,

Fedor, Julie - War and Memory in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, e-bok

War and Memory in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus

Fedor, Julie


Introduction: War and Memory in Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus
Julie Fedor, Simon Lewis, Tatiana Zhurzhenko
Part I. Memories of World War II and Nation-Building
2. Political Uses of the Great Patriotic War in Post-Soviet