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Alcamo, I. Edward - CliffsQuickReview Microbiology, e-bok

CliffsQuickReview Microbiology

Alcamo, I. Edward


CliffsQuickReview Microbiology contains the foundation material for microbiology courses required for careers in nursing, dental hygiene, medical technology, food and nutrition, pharmacy,

Roberts, Diane - Practical Food Microbiology, e-bok

Practical Food Microbiology

Roberts, Diane


The main approaches to the investigation of food microbiology in the laboratory are expertly presented in this, the third edition of the highly practical and well-established manual. The new edition has been thoroughly revised and updated to take account

Gobbetti, Marco - Bacterial Communication in Foods, e-bok

Bacterial Communication in Foods

Gobbetti, Marco


Table of contents
1. The Language
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella Cagno
2. The Phenotypes
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella Cagno
3. The Behavior in Foods
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella Cagno
4. The Probiotic Message
Marco Gobbetti, Raffaella…

Bedale, Wendy - Food Allergens, e-bok

Food Allergens

Bedale, Wendy


Best Practices for Assessing, Managing, and Communicating Food Allergen Risks: An Introduction
Tong-Jen Fu, Lauren S. Jackson, Kathiravan Krishnamurthy
2. A Review of the Distribution and Costs of Food Allergy
Ruchi S. Gupta, Alexander M. Mitts, Madeline

Cannon, Jennifer L. - Viruses in Foods, e-bok

Viruses in Foods

Cannon, Jennifer L.


Human and Animal Viruses in Food (Including Taxonomy of Enteric Viruses)
Gail E. Greening, Jennifer L. Cannon
3. The Molecular Virology of Enteric Viruses
Javier Buesa, Jesús Rodriguez-Díaz
4. Epidemiology of Food-Borne Viruses
Aron J. Hall

Higton, Gary - Industrial Microbiology: An Introduction, e-bok

Industrial Microbiology: An Introduction

Higton, Gary


Of major economic, environmental and social importance, industrial microbiology involves the utilization of microorganisms in the production of a wide range of products, including enzymes, foods, beverages, chemical feedstocks, fuels and pharmaceuticals,

Shaw, Ian C. - Food Safety: The Science of Keeping Food Safe, e-bok

Food Safety: The Science of Keeping Food Safe

Shaw, Ian C.


Food safety is a multi-faceted subject, using microbiology, chemistry, standards and regulations, and risk management to address issues involving bacterial pathogens, chemical contaminants, natural toxicants, additive safety, allergens, and more.

Sui, Xiaonan - Impact of Food Processing on Anthocyanins, e-bok

Impact of Food Processing on Anthocyanins

Sui, Xiaonan


Table of contents
1. Introduction
Xiaonan Sui
2. Literature Review
Xiaonan Sui
3. Monte Carlo Modelling of Non-isothermal Degradation of Two Cyanidin-Based Anthocyanins in Aqueous System at High Temperatures and its Impact on Antioxidant…