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Tassier, Troy - The Economics of Epidemiology, e-bok

The Economics of Epidemiology

Tassier, Troy


Merging Economics and Epidemiology
4. Economic Modeling and Epidemiology
Troy Tassier
5. Econometrics and Epidemiology
Troy Tassier
Part III. An Introduction to Social Interactions
6. Interaction Networks: An Introduction
Troy Tassier

Mitchell, Robert E. - The Language of Economics, e-bok

The Language of Economics

Mitchell, Robert E.


Table of contents
1. Economists’ Epistemological Challenges
Robert E. Mitchell
2. The Trajectory of the First Social Science
Robert E. Mitchell
3. An Overview of Socially Constructed Mental Models and Vocabularies
Robert E. Mitchell
4. From Metaphor to Fact: The Early History of Creating a New Language

Junankar, P. N. Raja - Economics of Immigration, e-bok

Economics of Immigration

Junankar, P. N. Raja


Table of contents
1. Introduction
1. Introduction
P. N. Raja Junankar
2. Impact of Immigration on Recipient Economy
2. Immigration and the Australian Macroeconomy: Perspective and Prospective
P. N. Raja Junankar, David Pope, Glenn…

Giraud-Héraud, Eric - Wine Economics, e-bok

Wine Economics

Giraud-Héraud, Eric


Table of contents
1. Introduction and Overview
Eric Giraud-Héraud, Marie-Claude Pichery
Part I. Alcohol Consumption and Welfare
2. Life Satisfaction and Alcohol Consumption: An Empirical Analysis of Self-Reported Life Satisfaction and Alcohol…

Petrescu, Alina I. - The Economics of Brexit, e-bok

The Economics of Brexit

Petrescu, Alina I.


Table of contents
1. Was There Really an Economic Consensus on Brexit?
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu
2. The Fiscal Impact of Brexit
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu
3. Brexit and Trade
Philip B. Whyman, Alina I. Petrescu

Blume, Lawrence E. - Monetary Economics, e-bok

Monetary Economics

Blume, Lawrence E.


Table of contents
1. Bank of England
Charles A. E. Goodhart
2. Banking Crises
Charles W. Calomiris
3. Central Bank Independence
Carl E. Walsh
4. Commodity Money
François R. Velde, Warren E. Weber
5. Euro
Adam S. Posen
6. European Central Bank
Michael Binder, Volker Wieland

Dutt, Amitava Krishna - Economics and Ethics, e-bok

Economics and Ethics

Dutt, Amitava Krishna


Table of contents
Part I. Introduction and Background
1. Introduction
Amitava Krishna Dutt, Charles K. Wilber
Part I. Introduction and Background
2. Economics Without Ethics?
Amitava Krishna Dutt, Charles K. Wilber
3. Approaches to Ethics and Justice
Amitava Krishna Dutt, Charles K. Wilber

Tinari, Frank D. - Forensic Economics, e-bok

Forensic Economics

Tinari, Frank D.


Table of contents
1. An Introduction to the Field of Forensic Economics
Frank D. Tinari
2. The Meaning of Earning Capacity
Stephen Horner, Frank Slesnick
3. Evolution of Worklife Expectancy Measurement
Gary R. Skoog, James E. Ciecka

Carmalt, S.W. - The Economics of Oil, e-bok

The Economics of Oil

Carmalt, S.W.


Table of contents
1. Introduction
S. W. Carmalt
2. Oil Company Finances
S. W. Carmalt
3. Some Basics of Petroleum Geology
S. W. Carmalt
4. Peak Oil
S. W. Carmalt
5. Energy in the Economy
S. W. Carmalt
6. Oil’s…

Muller, Stephen - Economics of the Environment, e-bok

Economics of the Environment

Muller, Stephen


Table of contents
Part I.Introduction
1. The Problem
2. Using the Environment — An Allocation Problem
Part II.Static Allocation Aspect
3. Production Theory and Transformation Space
4. Optimal Environmental Use
5. Environmental…