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Li, Richard C. - RF Circuit Design, e-bok

RF Circuit Design

Li, Richard C.


The content is divided into three key parts:
Individual RF block circuit design
Basic RF circuit design skills
RF system engineering
The author assumes a fundamental background in RF circuit

Vertigan, Graeme - AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice, e-bok

AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice

Vertigan, Graeme


The essential guide that combines power system fundamentals with the practical aspects of equipment design and operation in modern power systems 
Written by an experienced power engineer, AC Circuits and Power Systems in Practice offers a comprehensive guide that reviews power system

Coldren, Larry A. - Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits, e-bok

Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits

Coldren, Larry A.

Från 146,75€

Diode Lasers and Photonic Integrated Circuits, Second Edition provides a comprehensive treatment of optical communication technology, its principles and theory, treating students as well as experienced engineers to an in-depth exploration of this field.

Legéndy, Charles - Circuits in the Brain, e-bok

Circuits in the Brain

Legéndy, Charles


Corner Processing: Theory of the Hypercomplex Cell
Charles Legéndy
16. Nodes on Contour Strings
Charles Legéndy
17. Custom-Made Unstable Networks Made to Support Tracking
Charles Legéndy
18. Why Is the Drifting Retinal Image Helpful in Perception?

Nguyen, Cam - Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering, e-bok

Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering

Nguyen, Cam


Radio-Frequency Integrated-Circuit Engineering addresses the theory, analysis and design of passive and active RFIC's using Si-based CMOS and Bi-CMOS technologies, and other non-silicon based technologies. The materials covered are self-contained and