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Gladding, Samuel T. - The Creative Arts in Counseling, e-bok

The Creative Arts in Counseling

Gladding, Samuel T.


Gladding demonstrates how music, dance, imagery, visual arts, literature, drama, and humor can be used effectively in counseling. Combining history, theory, and application, he provides a rationale for using each art form with how-to strategies for working with clients

Standing, Simon  - Surface: Land/Water and the Visual Arts, e-bok

Surface: Land/Water and the Visual Arts

Standing, Simon


This book is a collection of six papers from the 2004 Land/Water and Surface symposium. These works contribute both to contemporary academic debates within artist and curatorial practices, and to understanding within related areas of experience and knowledge.…

Henri, Saladin - Arts d’Islam, e-bok

Arts d’Islam

Henri, Saladin


Les arts de l’Islam ne sont pas les arts d’une nation ni ceux d’un peuple, mais ceux d’une religion, l’Islam. Partis d’Arabie, ses croyants prosélytes surent conquérir, en quelques siècles, un territoire allant de l’océan Atlantique

Jaquemart, Albert - Les Arts decoratifs, e-bok

Les Arts decoratifs

Jaquemart, Albert


À l'origine non considérés comme des arts appliqués, leur potentiel artistique ne fut reconnu qu'au XXe siècle lorsque la production industrielle remplaça la création artisanale. L'ancienneté, l'authenticité et surtout la singularité de ces précieux travaux

Haedicke, Susan C. - Contemporary Street Arts in Europe, e-bok

Contemporary Street Arts in Europe

Haedicke, Susan C.


Table of contents
1. Introduction: Aesthetics and Politics of Street Arts Interventions
Susan C. Haedicke
2. Looking Back: A Socio-Historical and Intellectual Context for Contemporary Street Arts in Europe
Susan C. Haedicke
3. Democratic Performatives and an Aesthetics of Public Space
Susan C. Haedicke

Bonham-Carter, Charlotte - Rhetoric, Social Value and the Arts, e-bok

Rhetoric, Social Value and the Arts

Bonham-Carter, Charlotte


Who Sets the Agenda? Changing Attitudes Towards the Relevance of Small-Scale Visual Arts Organisations in the UK
Rachel Mader
3. From Social Inclusion to Audience Numbers: Art Museums in the New Public Management
Charlotte Bonham-Carter
part II. Theory

Lum, Chee-Hoo - Contextualized Practices in Arts Education, e-bok

Contextualized Practices in Arts Education

Lum, Chee-Hoo


The Singapore Arts Landscape: Influences, Tensions, Confluences, and Possibilities for the Learning Context
Gene Segarra Navera
2. Exegetical Commentary
Audrey Wai Yen Wong
Part II. Creative Music Making in Primary School
3. Learning as You Go: A

Genovese, Michael A. - Leadership and the Liberal Arts, e-bok

Leadership and the Liberal Arts

Genovese, Michael A.


The Liberal Arts and Leadership Learning
Thomas E. Cronin
4. Can Study of the Liberal Arts Prepare Both Effective Leaders and Productive Citizens?
Richard Ekman
Part II. Integrating Leadership into the Liberal Arts

Joubert, Lindy - Educating in the Arts, e-bok

Educating in the Arts

Joubert, Lindy


The Arts — Unifying Principles in Education
Lindy Joubert
2. Masters and Pupils
Alison Carroll
3. Art for Education
Vibeke Jensen, George A. Attig
II. Arts Education Programmes: Iran, Hong Kong, Cambodia
4. Arts Education in Iran