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Yingfu, Li - Functional Nucleic Acids for Analytical Applications, e-bok

Functional Nucleic Acids for Analytical Applications

Yingfu, Li


Table of contents
Part I. Overview of Functional Nucleic Acids and Their Analytical Applications
1. Introductory Remarks
Yi Lu, Yingfu Li
2. Natural Functional Nucleic Acids: Ribozymes and Riboswitches
Renaud Tremblay, Jérôme Mulhbacher, Simon Blouin, J. Carlos Penedo, Daniel A. Lafontaine
3. Artificial

Hansen, Steen - Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis, e-bok

Introduction to Pharmaceutical Chemical Analysis

Hansen, Steen


In addition, this textbook teaches the fundamentals of all the major analytical techniques used in the pharmaceutical laboratory, and teaches the international pharmacopoeias and guidelines of importance for the field. It is primarily intended for the pharmacy student,

Kay, Jack F. - High Throughput Analysis for Food Safety, e-bok

High Throughput Analysis for Food Safety

Kay, Jack F.


This book focuses on high-throughput analyses for food safety. Because of the contributors domestic and international expertise from industry and government the book appeals to a wider audience. It includes the latest development in rapid screening, with…